Black Web Story Of Social Media Followers [New Edition – Aug 17]

Habitual Use of Social Media and Twitter Followers:

Social media is the frequently used thing amongst the youth. Social media is used in so many different ways like marketing any event or to stay connected with the people around. It has many effects, positive and negatives both. Following the social applications such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter eliminate the desire to know other’s stories.

Effects of social media:

Negative effects such as misusing the information is a thing which is causing serious business and social issues among people. These days people believe that social media is overtaking the real world and their minds have become isolated while some people are of the view that social media is easy for them. The advantage is actually that it raises awareness and a sense regarding many social issues like corruption and human rights violation. The illegal behavior is highlighted through the social media, and it’s a good thing to make people aware of their surroundings. If we see, media has just become an essential part of our lives.

Media can play a positive role if it is used correctly. Being a sturdy way of communication people get informed about their surroundings. Media sometimes can spread erroneous news, but mostly it informs us about the reality and certitude. Our feelings and verdicts are expressed through media. Media has always attracted the consciousness of a large audience. The first thing we do after entering our home is the use of social media.

There is no misdeed saying that media has become an involvement in our lives. Social media is so universally used that people feel so imperfect without it. Social media followers get the coverage of the salient events and occasions of the world. The followers of social media can retrieve all kinds of information and can get knowledge.

The world is just a click away through the media. Social media plays an encouraging mantle for the society. Media is the vigilant place that keeps an eye on every segment of the society, and this is the most interesting thing for the social media followers. Media followers are always answerable and accountable. The followers of social media can be molded easily through the print media and electronic media including the social media.

 Social media followers set their minds and views in accordance to what media brings in front of them. Social media followers get a deep impact on all kinds of opinions and information shared on the internet. Social media is no doubt a global thing used largely. People become famous by making their profiles, buy twitter followers and by sharing their photos on the applications as Facebook.

Cause of depression:

Heavy social media use causes depression and drives anxiety. Young adults are mostly seen tensed up, use of social media is the reason behind it. Social networking is directly linked to the mental health, but the teenagers and the youth do not understand this fact and anyhow continue to follow it. Social media followers should keep in view the impacts of it.