Viber, Skype, Facebook & Twitter Followers : Competitive Study

Social media is an important platform now a day and each network try to facilitate the consumer to a maximum level. People use these networks to build a great social circle so that the information can be shared and they can have a better understanding of things. In this competition, the services offered by these networks are made better so that they can have maximum share out of the market. So is the case with Viber and Skype, both of them having a great number of audience but they are still way behind Facebook Messenger because of the few following reasons.

Integration with facebook

The important advantage obtained by Facebook messenger is that it has first mover advantage. This is present in this field before Skype and Viber were. Also the installation of Facebook messenger is now made must with the Facebook application. Facebook is a platform that is used largely in the world so everyone who is using Facebook either on Android, windows or iOS, he must have Facebook messenger installed in his phone. This integration with the main application of Facebook gives Facebook messenger a huge competitive advantage.

Need of Sim

There is no need to have sim card to operate Facebook messenger. However if a person want to operate Viber on phone, it is necessary to have a sim card because it work on the basis of cell phone number. Skype also work without sim card but it is a compulsion for Viber user to have sim card registered. So the installation of applications like Facebook messenger and Skype is easy to do on the devices that have no slot for sim card.

Showing Typing

Whatsapp messenger and skype are somewhat same because both of them show that the person on the other end is typing, while this feature is not available on viber. This makes it more user friendly for th messenger users to use facebook messenger. People prefer to use this because of this feature.

Strong networking

Another reason behind the success of Facebook messenger as compared to Skype and viber is that it has more user base, the people using messenger are much more than the ones on other networks. This make it really easy for the people to connect with their social circles and work communities. Viber is a new network and not many people know about it, so it is not easy for people to find their known people up here.

Availability of Twitter Followers Cheap

Facebook messenger is available on PC also however Viber cannot be downloaded on personal computer. Skype also has the facility of being available on the computer. This makes it easy for people to synchronize their chats on both computer and phone. They can access chats from anywhere they want. However in case of Viber, it can only be installed on cell phone and the chat cannot be synchronized to computer.

Personalization of application

Facebook can be easily personalized depending on the preference of person. Colors, design and appearance can be changed as the person like. Also the changes in the appearance patterns of cell phone apply on the Facebook application. However, in case of Viber, the user cannot change colors and theme because everything is built in and it is not flexible.