If you are here to learn about some marketing facts being a marketer it’s more important to have some knowledge of stats and usage of twitter. These facts are not in scanty on internet to be found as twitter has been excelling social media networking through its splendid tweets and option to buy twitter followers.


Twitter was generated in 2006. In 2009 a US flight got crashed on Hudson River .This news was published by twitter through sharing a photo of Airways crash landing by the time traditional media knew nothing about the accident so it just caught everybody’s eyes.


Twitter has made revenue of 595m dollars last year. Its employees are 3,900. Tweets sent on daily basis reach up to 500 million. Same digit visits site on monthly basis without bothering to log in.

Katy Perry is one can say the celebrity of twitter as has most followers with a digit of 87m. Majority of the user climbs to the site through mobiles. 391m have no followers at all. Leaders lead their tweets through this ladder. Almost 79 percent active users of it are from the world outside of America.


‘Tear of joy’ is ranked as the most Tweeted emoji. During big events like the one held in 2014 FIFA World Cup Final, quantity of tweets unleashed reached up to a level unimaginable. This is another reason people buy twitter followers cheap in 2017.


Twitter is more appealing to men out there more than women as women percentage on it is less than men.13 million twitter users are residing within US.

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Katy Perry is one of the most followed star on twitter

Between ages 18 and 29 the range of twitter users is more than users between 30-49 years old. Countries where it is mostly used are US, Brazil and then Japan respectively. More than half of twitter users earn more than 50,000 dollars every single year.

In Saudi Arabia most of the percentage of internet user is active on twitter. UN member countries have twitter accounts up to 83 percent. Each employee of twitter pulls revenue of 488,913 dollars.


65.8%of companies of the US with a huge ratio of employees use twitter for marketing purpose. Most of the brands see their brand projecting when they find their tweet has been answered. Most of the top brands have hundred followers on it.

92%of companies tweet more than once, 42% for between 1-5 times a day and 19% less than this quantity. Average person on twitter almost follows five businesses. 80%mentions the brands they like the most in a tweet. A great deal of people respond to any brand mentioned in tweets .This serves as a great marketing strategy by most of the marketer. They then go for that brand, visit their websites properly and half of that tweet for publicity purpose is done this way.

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Amazing twitter facts before you buy twitter followers

Even 60% users expect that they should get an instant reply to their queries within an hour or early. But the average percentage is one hour and 24 minutes. Tweets containing images grab 18% more clicks through, 89% more likes and 150% more tweets.