Top ten facts about Twitter

Twitter is one of the world’s largest social media networks. It tends to be associated with a certain level of professionalism and is widely appreciated nowadays, by professionals as well as non-professionals. It is a general trend to be on Twitter as well as on other social media. But what makes Twitter so special and why is it so popular? Here is a list of some compiled interesting facts about Twitter that will make you even more curious about Twitter if you don’t have an account already.

Amazing Facts Before You Buy Twitter Followers Cheap

  • Twitter has 241 million monthly active users. 500 million tweets are sent every day. A platform that has 241 million active monthly users definitely gives plenty of opportunities to people. It is a well-established global network that keeps growing.


  • A majority of Twitter’s active users checks Twitter from their mobile phones (76%). This shows the extent to which Twitter has become a portable social network.


  • Twitter supports more than 35 languages, which is proof of the fact that it is a global network that brings together people from very different backgrounds.


  • Within 3 years, 2 months and 1 day, Twitter had achieved its billionth Tweet. In fact, Twitter is an ever-growing platform…


  • 72% of Twitter followers of a brand are likely to purchase a certain product of that brand at some point. This shows how impactful and influencing Twitter can be. Is it one of the preferred social media platform for brands to update their customers and to hire new customers/followers.


  • Twitter employs more than 2700 employees from all around the globe and 50% of them are engineers.


  • 32% of all internet users use Twitter as well. Twitter is less used than Facebook, but it has some advantages that increasingly attract new users.


  • Twitter is a must-use network for all influencing and prominent public figures. 90% of top 50 U.S. law firms are on Twitter. 80% of the world’s leaders use Twitter. And Barack Obama is the top world leader to be followed by an extremely large number of people on Twitter.


  • Twitter is extremely interesting even if you don’t specially like sharing or tweeting things. In fact, 40% of Twitter users check Twitter in order to read the news, click on links and follow accounts without tweeting.


  • Twitter is probably one of the social media networks that offers great things with simplicity. Twitter’s ease of use makes it really attractive. Unlike Snapchat, there aren’t plenty of functionalities to adjust to. Plus there is great potential if you want to reach large audiences and communicate from people from all over the world. For brands and businesses, Twitter is one of their favorite platforms.

Conclusion: Top Ten Facts About Twitter

In short, if you don’t have a Twitter account yet, it will definitely prove to be an excellent idea to create one. Not just for the sake of creating one, but because Twitter has plenty of interesting things to offer, is extremely simple to use, and it is not full of useless and lengthy posts (the 140 characters limitations is definitely the number one advantage of Twitter…).