Buying Twitter Followers From TOS

Thank you for buying twitter followers from us!

  1. We always try to deliver extra followers to avoid the loss in promised follower count.
  2. These are real looking twitter followers for fame, publicity and marketing purpose.
  3. The retention warranty time period for re-fill is 20 Days. However, we do provide support and refill in discounted price till 6 months.
  4. If your twitter profile is deleted by you, anybody else or by the twitter, Tweetnfollow will not be responsible for any refund.
  5. Once you checkout, the system starts processing your order and you must not ask for refund till there is any problem in order completion.
  6. This is a virtual product and we always have Before/After record.
  7. Normal time of delivery is 24-48 hours. Therefore it is advised not to ask PayPal for refund if your order time has not passed 48 hours.
  8. Our support on is always there to help you! Before applying for a PayPal refund, you must contact us. We make sure each of our customer is happy!
  9. These terms and conditions apply on every tweetnfollow customer and has been updated on 3rd August 2017.