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5 Best Foods for Weight Loss Social Media Recommends

There are many nutritional food items that can help in making the body strong as well as keeping the weight less and controlled. All the chronic diseases are managed and eyesight is also handled. It is not always necessary to do diet for weight loss, many food items can help a lot in keeping the weight less. Just be a bit more cautious about what to put in the plate and there will be a lot of benefits. Many diseases will also be prevented by using this healthy and nutritious diet. Some food items from Instagram Followers Cheap  like 700 Followers that should be included in routine diet are as follows.


There are a lot of benefits of having apple. It has many essential nutrients in it. The feeling of fullness is achieved and it also slows down the process of digestion. Having one whole apple with routine meal works as a great appetizer and the number of calorie intake is also reduced because of this. It includes fiber, antioxidants and vitamin C. the person should make sure to take the skin as well because it has most of the nutrients in it.


This is an amazing source of getting unsaturated fats. This help in keeping the body slim and reducing the cholesterol level. The calorie level present in almonds is much less as compared to other types of nuts. The best thing is to crush the almonds and sprinkle them on vegetables and salad.


Banana is helpful because of the resistant starch present in it. It contains potassium in it that is really important for weight loss. The resistant starch present in it is digested by the body slowly and this gives the feeling of being full for a long time. The liver switch to the mode of fat burning in this way and fats are lost. Also, it is best to have bananas when they are still a little green because it has more calorie reducing ingredients at that time. Digestive problems are solved and blood pressure is also controlled by using banana in routine.

Black beans

Black beans are from the family of pulses and this group is well known for reducing the belly fat and burning calories. A high source of protein can be formed by taking a cup of beans with just 15 grams of meat or any protein source. The soup made out of black beans is also amazing. The things like smoothies and puddings can be made by using black bean soup.


Avocado is a great food that can do a number of beneficial things for human body. It has folate, potassium, fats, vitamin E and C that have many health benefits. The risk of getting many types of cancers is reduced along with improvement in vision and good health of heart. The best affect of having avocados is on the waist line because it reduces the fat level at this point. Having avocado in lunch can reduce the food cravings of a day.

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