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How To Read and Reply To Comments on Twitter?  

The most used social network today is Twitter. Even if you are not friends with the other person, you are able to chat with him easily.  But it is not easy to figure out the functions performed by twitter.

Here is a guideline for some functions of twitter.

How to read comments?

How To Read and Reply To Comments on Twitter?  

Follow these steps to get your answer:

  1. The timestamp shows the time and date of a tweet being published

Whenever you are viewing the posts on twitter, the timestamp will show you the details regarding the post.

  1. Twitter replies are at the very bottom

When you click on the tweet, it is displayed in the overlay. If you open the Hash-tag or link mentioned in the tweet then, it will open the search results or linked page. You can also re-tweet the tweet of another person to spread his word.

Where to find re-tweets of replies for a specific tweet?

How To Read and Reply To Comments on Twitter?  

These tips can be helpful:

  • Once you are able to have access to the timestamp, all you have to select “copy link address” or “copy link location” or “copy link”. The first one refers to Google chrome, the nd one refers to Firefox and the last one is hinting towards Safari.
  • Twitter search field requires the copied URL to be pasted in its bar. You can find the comments and re-tweets of that particular tweet

You can easily reply to the other person’s comment and also mention them with their username in your tweets and posts or comments.

How To Read and Reply To Comments on Twitter?

Overview of the reply

  • This means you are giving an answer to the tweet of another person. On a tweet, just click in the reply icon to perform the action.
  • When you are doing this action, twitter will show “replying to”. You can see this in the page timeline of your post. You can see “replying to you” on your tweet when someone else is giving you an answer. Your notification tab will receive a notification.
  • Two people following each other will receive the reply in their timelines.
  • The tweet will be displayed the one replied if you click it in your timeline.
  • People with privacy let their replies be viewed by only their followers.
  • The reply will not appear in your timeline if you get a reply from someone who is not your follower. You get to the notification in the bar only.

Overview of mentioning someone

  • Mentioning means you are writing someone’s name anywhere in the tweet.
  • The notifications tab is able to receive all the replies and messages.
  • All of the people that you mention in your comments will be able to see your comment or tweet. This is also a trick to make people like your tweets including photos and videos.
  • Tweets will not mention those people whose profile you visit. But you can search for r username and search for retweets.