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How To Change Twitter Username?

Twitter is the world of dreamers, enthusiasts, and fashionistas. How do we access that? It is due to the dynamic and flamboyant usernames you see on twitter. Twitter is the home of many creative souls and their username reflects that.

People who are new to Twitter and other platforms learn and inspire from the people who have unique usernames and start thinking about how to change the Twitter username.

The experts have no issue in getting to this part. But for the naïve ones, beginnings are always hard. But eventually, things work out and it becomes easy.

Why username matter?

If we are to infer the importance of a username in a single statement, it would be that a username reflects your personality. It is like your one-time access card. There are many important roles of a username. We will discuss each of them sequentially. First of all, it depicts your identity.

Your followers identify you and search for you by your username and hence it is essential. If you change your username without notifying your followers, they won’t be able to identify you since the username is the only true identity card on Twitter.

Secondly, the username is important to log in. If you have a username that’s hard to remember it can be problematic since it is necessary to know it for logging into your account. Thirdly, extending the fact that it reflects your personality. If your twitter account is linked to several professional accounts, it must be something that is not informal or lame.

So, if you have a twitter account from your teenager and now you have entered your practical life, maybe you need to change it.

That is why changing a username sometimes becomes necessary. Above all, you may not have yet noticed but your username effects how many likes you are getting daily. This is the result of general manipulation. Words trick people and if your username is catchy and unique, people will draw to it and give alike, if not for the post, then for your name.

How can you change it?

Changing a username is quick and simple. This is one of the best features of using twitter. It has a user-friendly and easy-to-apprehend interface. Whether it is about posting photos or videos or changing basic settings like username and profile photos, it is a game of a few clicks. You don’t have to be worried about how to change twitter username. For changing the twitter username all you have to do is:

  • Click on the drop-down menu.
  • Its icon is placed right next to your profile name on navigation bar.
  • Go to the settings and privacy section and click on the ‘account’.

  • Here in the textbox, write your new username and save it.


How often can you change your username?

People usually enquire about after how many days we can change our twitter username or how many times we can change it. Thanks to Twitter, you can do it whenever you wish to. Neither there is a time limit nor a quantity limit. This is why Twitter is one of the best applications in use.