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How To Do The Zoom In Effect on TikTok?


TikTok is a social network where users create and upload videos. Or a person can just entertain themselves by watching these videos. TikTok attracts its users in many ways. Its wide range of videos attracts all kinds of audiences. People usually upload lip-syncing videos, dance routines, styling videos, and sharing quick recipes. Other than that people also upload trending videos happening on TikTok to make it to the For You page quickly. Once a person has established themselves on TikTok and has become popular many marketing companies choose them to promote different business brands hence leading them to earn a good amount of money.

How To Do The Zoom In Effect on TikTok?

What is the Zoom Effect?

TikTok is always coming up with new effects to keep its users entertained and attracted. TikTok has taken its effects to a whole new level. On top of that TikTokers use these effects in such creative ways that the audience is immensely impressed. The zoom effect is another effect that is becoming very popular amongst TikTokers. The zoom effect can be added on TikTok so the camera automatically zooms in a person’s face. The effect proves to be very useful when shooting a close-up shot or a group video and you want to close up on one person’s face to shoot their reaction.

How to use the Zoom Effect?

Here is how you can use this awesome effect and make your videos more entertaining:

  1. Open the zoom effect on your smartphone. It can be Android as well as IOS.
  2. By selecting the “+” option on the home screen you will be able to access the camera to make a new TikTok video.
  3. After this, the Effect section will be visible.
  4. In the Effects section, numerous filters, as well as seasonal filters, will be available to try as well as create TikTok videos.
  5. The Zoom effect is usually in the trending section or the funny section. You will need to click on the zoom icon.
  6. Lastly, record a unique and creative video to entertain your audience.

Other Filters

How To Do The Zoom In Effect on TikTok?

There are many other filters offered on TikTok. They completely change the feel and color of the video. TikTok filters option is on the top right. They come in 4 default categories: Portrait, Landscape, Food, and Vibe. Each of them comes with different coloring options. A few of the popular filters on TikTok are Portrait-S1, this particular filter comes in great use for front camera videos as it makes your face look extremely smooth. The Landscape B6 filter creates a video with a landscape in the background. The portrait F3 filter lightens everything in your video creates a great contrast and gives it a warm effect. Vibe V1 is famous for its retro look, it gives the video an old school vibe. The vibe V6 filter gives your video a purple light as if it is shot in purple lightning. The glasses frame filter will make you wear some cool glasses. All these videos are amazing to make your videos look more creative and give you a great experience while using TikTok.