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How To Make Twitter Account Private

Twitter is a Social media channel basically used for networking with people across the world. It is gaining more popularity as a thousands of people sign up for their new Twitter accounts. It has become the basic hub for connectivity of people from all over the globe.

A person connects to the world by default soon after he tweets. This is because the account is accessible and in reach of every person when it is created.

Many celebrities and politicians use Twitter and handle their public accounts as they have the aim of promoting their message to the world but other people tend to make private accounts so that their photos and videos and other content can be secured.

How To Make Twitter Account Private
How To Make Twitter Account Private
  • Protection of tweets:

It’s obvious that every user has some privacy concerns, they only want to keep their photos and tweets confined to their followers only. In order to protect the tweets and all the data uploaded on the profile, it is required to change the settings and make the account turn from the public to private. Once the account turned to private it won’t be accessible to all but to those who the users chose to be shown.

  • Why is it better to secure account?

The protection of Twitter account is better as most of the people upload some private content which can be misused and copied if they have a huge number of followers. Once the account is protected the tweets and all the data including videos and photos become limited to the followers which are approved by the users. Not everyone can access their tweets and cannot retweet them obviously. In order to check the tweets of a personal account, people would need to send a follow request to other users.

  • Knowing the difference between protected and public tweets:

Before changing the account setting the user must understand the clear difference between the secured tweets and the public tweets. Public tweets are accessible to all the Twitter users as they are created with the purpose of gaining more likes and followers.

Once the account is made private then there will be certain changes that a user will have to face as people will send the follow requests and it’s on them whether they accept them or not. The tweets of the user will only be visible to the people who follow him. Other than that the tweets once retweeted by him when his account was public would automatically turn private after changing settings.

  • Changing settings of account:

    How To Make Twitte Account Private
                                          How To Make Twitter Account Private
  • In order to secure the tweets, a user needs to make some changes in the settings of the account.
  • After signing in the Twitter account, the user is required to click on the icon of settings which is situated at the left of the profile.
  • After it clicks on the user’s privacy settings which allow options to the user if the account should be kept private or public.
  • If the user intends to protect his account then, in that case, he must click on the option ‘’ Protect my tweets’’. This will make the user’s profile protected and private.