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How To Remove Pin From Pinterest

Removal of pin on mobile phone devices

How To Remove Pin From Pinterest

At the beginning open the Pinterest. It is the application of red color with the prominent and stylish p written on it. If you are the regular user of it or have a sign in credentials on it before, then it will take you to the home page. If you are not the user or do not have the credentials click on the log in to access the home page.

How To Remove Pin From Pinterest

  • Then click on the user’s profile which is the shape of the person on the icon to open up your profile. This button is on the left bottom corner of the iPhone or on the right corner on the top of the phone.
  • There are different boards on it. Tap on the specific board and you can unpin the Pinterest from the board of your choice.
  • Tap on the pin which you want to unpin and long press on it. It will show a cloud of other options on it. Pull your finger to the edit icon option and the screen will appear with the edit options. Now you can tap on the delete option. Also, there is a confirmation pop up on your screen to make sure that you are going to delete it.

Removal of boards from the Pinterest

How To Remove Pin From Pinterest

  • Open your Pinterest application and log in to the account with the help of your credentials that are log in Id and password.
  • It will take you to the home page. Now you can open your profile on it and then press the person’s profile
  • Click on the board icon. It will take you to the home page of boards.
  • All the pins will be displayed. Now click on the icon edit option. Tap on the delete board option to delete the board from the mobile. Deleting the board will help to unpin the Pinterest.
  • The confirmation pop up needs permission for deleting the board from the phone. Click on delete key.

Removal of pin from the desktop

  • On the desktop, click on the Pinterest website. You need to log in first and if you are already logged in it will take you to the home page direct. Next step is similar as above that is to click on the personal profile icon. It will open up your account on Pinterest.
  • Click on the specific board there. It will show you the pins of your choice. For unpinning the Pinterest, take your mouse cursor on the pin.
  • There are many icons showing up on the pin’s card.
  • Click on the edit icon present there after clicking the pencil icon.
  • Click on the delete button. It will remove the pin and help you in unpinning the selected pin on Pinterest.
  • The pin will be erased from the board after tapping on the delete button.

     A confirmation message will pop up to ensure that you really want to delete the selected pin. Click on yes for             proceeding deletion.

How To Remove Pin From Pinterest

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How To Unhide Hidden Pins On Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media network which allows you to learn about innovative ideas. Pinterest focuses more upon the visual contents. The Pinterest users can make boards on it and attach photos for the sake of pins. You can create and add pins on Pinterest, it helps you to increase followers on your account. The pins are visible to you on your home screen. You can hide these pins if you don’t want to see a pin, you can also unfollow these pins easily. The users have full control over what they want to see in their news feed. Similarly, you can unhide the pin easily but it has to be done immediately.

How To Unhide a Hidden Pin on Pinterest

Unhiding a Pinterest Pin

If by accident you hide a pin on Pinterest, you have an option to unhide it but it is possible if you unhide it immediately. You cannot see your hidden pins once you hide them, they’re gone completely. They do not get saved in any album on your account. If you hide a pin on Pinterest and do not unhide it right away it is completely gone. You can only undo the pin if it is still in sight.

How To Unhide a Hidden Pin on Pinterest

  • To hide or to unhide pins the first step you take is to open your Pinterest app if you’re using Pinterest on your mobile or open it’s website in any browser on your computer if you’re using it on your PC.
  • You’ll see the home icon at the bottom of your screen just tap it if you’re using it on your mobile. If you’re using it on your PC, then you’ll see the Pinterest icon at the top left of your screen, click that.
  • You’ll see your Pinterest home feed In front of you in your screen whether it be your mobile screen or you desktop’s screen. You home screen has all your pins.
  • Now all your pins are in front of you can locate the pin you want to hide once you’ve selected the pin, tap / click on the icon with three dots at the corner of your pin.
  • Tap/ click on the hide option.
  • The final step is that you have to select a reason why you want to hide the pin.

Once you hide your pin a dark grey overlay covers your pin, now if you want to unhide it you have to go a single easy and simple step.

Select Undo button you see on the grey overlay to unhide your pin. Once you’re done with it you can successfully see your pins again.

But one thing that should be kept in mind while the process of unhiding a pin on Pinterest is that the unhiding should be done right after you hide the pin as long as the pin is in front of you on your screen with the grey overlay. Once the pin is gone, it’s gone forever you cannot undo it then.

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How To Upload Pictures On Pinterest From Android

People can upload pictures on Pinterest by posting their pins, these pins can be saved and shared for different purposes like motivation and new ideas. Pinterest is a social network that allows you to upload your pictures and videos. It has a option where you can save the pictures uploaded by other people too. Just a few steps are required to be followed if you want to upload pictures on Pinterest from android. You have the option that you can keep your account private if you want to or make it public it totally depends on you. First of all you have to create a board
on Pinterest, then you can easily save pictures you like and delete the ones you don’t want to see and upload you own pictures. Now there are separate steps for uploading pictures on Pinterest from android.

How To Upload A Picture On Pinterest From Android


Steps for uploading pictures to Pinterest from android

How To Upload A Picture On Pinterest From Android

  • Open your Pinterest app and log in to your account.
  • Once you’re done with logging in to your Pinterest account, your home page with appear In front of you on your mobile screen. Tap the silhouette in the upper right corner of your screen.
  • Then tap the + sign you see in the lower right corner of your screen.
  • The photo option will appear after clicking on the + button.
  • Click on the picture you want to upload.
  • Then add a description for the picture you want to upload. It is optional.
  • Next, you have to select a board. Select the board to which you want to upload your picture. This also helps you to find your picture you’ll just have to select the title of the board to which you uploaded your picture.
  • Click done once you’re done with everything.

Your picture will successfully be uploaded on Pinterest by following these few simple and easy steps. This way the picture you uploaded will be visible to other people if your boards are open and public. No one will be able to see your uploaded pictures if they are set on private.

You can also create new specific boards for your pictures if you want to. Pinterest will ask you that rather it can have access to your photos or not before uploading your photo for your safety and privacy. The photos won’t be uploaded on Pinterest if you don’t accept it. Other people can only see your boards when your boards are not set to private. You can also upload multiple pictures to your Pinterest account at once. For uploading multiple photos at a time open bulk pinner and choose the photos you want to upload. Then you will have to put titles in your photos and add description to them. Click on save button and your multiple photos will be uploaded to Pinterest. Your photos can also be saved by other people if they’re not on private in same way you can also save pins of others.


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Top 10 Differences between Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram

Instagram is a social media network which allows users to share their personal information and information related to business. You have to get register to grow the business. In addition, you can buy followers to increase traffic on your business and personal profile. It is the second most often used application after the Facebook. Pinterest is also media network which helps to create visual content that you have found on the internet. It is less used by people than Instagram.

Instagram and Pinterest are similar in the context that these both are providing social media services. But these are different as compared to each other in various aspects. Features and benefits for users vary for both social media sources. We discuss some of the differences between Instagram and Pinterest.


Instagram is a source which allows users to take and edit pictures and videos. Users can take photos from mobile devices and share with other people on Instagram. They can apply filters and add captions to their photos. Instagram allows business to view as authentic for their customers.

On the other hand, Pinterest allows users to be curious about other users content. They can search for content, inspiration and tips like search engines. Similarly twitter also allows to buy twitter followers cheap $1 and other packages. You can gain followers to engage more people with retweets.

Target audience

Instagram is mostly used by females than males. More than 70% users on Instagram are females. Males are not dominated on Pinterest due to some unique and women oriented features.

On the other hand, men and women are equally dominated on Instagram. Men use Instagram to promote their business mostly. They buy followers to expand their business to more customers. Females use Instagram because Instagram introduces many features related to photos creation and editing. Women like buy followers to increase social connections with other people.

Photos creation and Buy Twitter Followers

Instagram gas introduced photos editing options for their users. Users can post their pictures after editing through Instagram. Many filters, cropping, and other features are introduced by Instagram for their users to apply on their photos. You look more creative and professional through this social media platform.

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Followers on Pinterest

On the other hand, Pinterest does not offer any such kind of photo editing options. These applications are not provided by Pinterest. Users can pin their existing photos. They can change their photos and edit through their own downloaded applications in devices. After editing, you can pin it on Pinterest.

Engagement Through Buy Twitter Followers Cheap

Users are more engaged with Instagram than Pinterest due to different diverse features. Instagram is much more conversational than Pinterest. People are engaged through commenting and like photos and videos. In fact, users post their photos and ask suggestions from other users. This creates large social connections with other people. Buying followers on Instagram is an important activity to grow the business and increase social gathering. On the other hand, Pinterest is not at much ease for users. That is why people use Instagram more than Pinterest.


Pinterest can do storytelling through its themed board and contests. On the other hand, Instagram allows users to create photos, short videos, and messages to grow their business. Similarly people buy cheap twitter followers starting from $1 to increase profile exposure.

So, Pinterest followers and Instagram are different from each other in various aspects. People use these social media services according to their purpose to use social media.