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If I Unlike a Photo on Instagram Will my Followers See It

Do you remember one time when you were scrolling through your Instagram feed, and accidentally hit the liked button? You still regret it don’t you? We all do! it is an involuntary action made by our thumbs most of the time.

Because when you are holding your cell phone and continue scrolling down with your thumb, it’s obvious you will hit the heart button or while you scrolling down you catch an eye on a photo and you want to zoom in but instead, you double-tap it and bang! You have hit the like button! Well don’t you worry folks, we have got your back on this.

Push notification

If you have accidentally hit the like button, the first thing to do is to click the like button again, this will unlike the photo right away. But there is a little inconvenience. Will anyone find out about the accidentally liked post? Will they get notified once you liked the post and unlike it at the same moment?

The only quick action is to unlike it ASAP! What if they have turned off their push notification?  And what if they have turned it on? Push notifications can make miracles happen. The faster you unlike the post in seconds the better it is. So just pray for the miracle push notification to be turned off. They will not be notified on their mobile screens.

Treat or trick

Everything needs a trick to get resolved. We have an amazing trick that can work wonders for you. After making an unexpected blunder, you can trick them by liking their recent posts. Keep on liking a few of them and they will not notice that you have hit the like from the 2014 post as a stalker does.

Your followers

Usually, this kind of strategy works when you are stalking your ex that you have unfollowed months ago.

But what about your followers? Will they get to see about your activity? There is a very minor possibility that they would be checking your activity while you had hit the button. But it’s like 1% or your luck. It will not appear on your feed and the moment you unlike it the system makes it clear.

Your activity feed

Sometimes you have hit a like on someone’s post and you don’t even know it. It’s a nightmare!. You only find out by casually checking your news feed which you can check on your profile page. There is a three-lined icon, click there and your activity option will appear as the second option. You can also manage your audience by going through further activity changes

So while you checking your activity feed, you came to know that you have liked a photo that you never knew or wanted to like. Unfortunately, the time has passed but you still have a goal to achieve. Unlike the picture right away. Go to the profile and hit the unlike! And there you go! But if you are a paranoid person, you just unlike the photo and delete your account. It’s is a 100% verified method.

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