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How To Unhide Hidden Pins On Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media network which allows you to learn about innovative ideas. Pinterest focuses more upon the visual contents. The Pinterest users can make boards on it and attach photos for the sake of pins. You can create and add pins on Pinterest, it helps you to increase followers on your account. The pins are visible to you on your home screen. You can hide these pins if you don’t want to see a pin, you can also unfollow these pins easily. The users have full control over what they want to see in their news feed. Similarly, you can unhide the pin easily but it has to be done immediately.

How To Unhide a Hidden Pin on Pinterest

Unhiding a Pinterest Pin

If by accident you hide a pin on Pinterest, you have an option to unhide it but it is possible if you unhide it immediately. You cannot see your hidden pins once you hide them, they’re gone completely. They do not get saved in any album on your account. If you hide a pin on Pinterest and do not unhide it right away it is completely gone. You can only undo the pin if it is still in sight.

How To Unhide a Hidden Pin on Pinterest

  • To hide or to unhide pins the first step you take is to open your Pinterest app if you’re using Pinterest on your mobile or open it’s website in any browser on your computer if you’re using it on your PC.
  • You’ll see the home icon at the bottom of your screen just tap it if you’re using it on your mobile. If you’re using it on your PC, then you’ll see the Pinterest icon at the top left of your screen, click that.
  • You’ll see your Pinterest home feed In front of you in your screen whether it be your mobile screen or you desktop’s screen. You home screen has all your pins.
  • Now all your pins are in front of you can locate the pin you want to hide once you’ve selected the pin, tap / click on the icon with three dots at the corner of your pin.
  • Tap/ click on the hide option.
  • The final step is that you have to select a reason why you want to hide the pin.

Once you hide your pin a dark grey overlay covers your pin, now if you want to unhide it you have to go a single easy and simple step.

Select Undo button you see on the grey overlay to unhide your pin. Once you’re done with it you can successfully see your pins again.

But one thing that should be kept in mind while the process of unhiding a pin on Pinterest is that the unhiding should be done right after you hide the pin as long as the pin is in front of you on your screen with the grey overlay. Once the pin is gone, it’s gone forever you cannot undo it then.