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How Much Does it Cost To Advertise On Twitter?

The majority of the people in this world are users of Twitter. This is the best place where you can drive traffic and also generate leads. The first question that comes to the minds of people is about the cost that will be used when advertising on Twitter. But before that, one must be aware of the steps that will help him in advertising. Business grows when one is an active social media member.

How to advertise on Twitter?                           How Much Does it Cost To Advertise On Twitter?

Follow these steps for advertising on Twitter:

  1. Select either promote mode or twitter ads

Twitter streams or search results will save all your tweets through promoted tweets. “Twitter ads” is more of a holistic campaign. Your brand can accomplish one goal through multiple groups of tweets.

  1. Select the objective of your twitter Ad

These are the options available for your objectives:

  • App installs
  • Followers
  • Engagement of tweet
  • Promoted video views
  • Website click
  • Website conversions
  • App re-engagements
  • Awareness

How Much Does it Cost To Advertise On Twitter?

  1. Details of the ad campaign must be filled

It’s time for you to choose your campaign once you have selected your objective. Also, decide for the starting and ending date for your campaign along with the budget. Some other details are also unique for your ad that you may have to select. For instance if your goal is app install then you must connect your app to the twitter and go to drop down to select it.

  1. Ad group must be created within the campaign

On the left side of the Twitter ads page, one campaign must be created beforehand. Select the copy ad group to create more than one ad group. The framework of your ad campaign will be able to receive a lot of new ad groups. The individual ads that contain their own costs, audience and other useful details like the ending and start of the project are known as ad groups. They work under the larger campaign only.

  1. The target audience has to be selected

Select targeting that is available under the details tab. You can set the target audience according to your choice. More target audience means that you will receive more number of likes.

  1. Creatives have to be run with each ad group

The tweets you want to promote be it photos or videos fall under the category of creatives.  A whole list of tweets is present under the creatives tab of each ad group.

  1. Give a final look and launch!

In order to look over the details of your campaign press the button to review your campaign.

What is the cost of the advertisement?

The amount you spend plays the whole game. Basically, the budget decides the price of your campaign. It is because twitter is the auctions based system. Promoted tweets, promoted accounts and promoted trends are offered by Twitter. $.50 – $4.00 per engagement is the cost for the first two categories whole the third one costs $200,000 per day.