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How to Hide Instagram Photos From Certain Followers

Very often, we feel the need to limit the number of people who can view our photos, for reasons that may be personal or otherwise. Those who are new to Instagram or use it less often are more likely to be unaware of the feature that allows you to hide your photos from a certain group of people.

One of the best ways to do that is to make a list of close friends whom you can allow viewing your stories and photos while it remains hidden from the rest of your followers. The people whom you want to share your photos with may be added to your close friends’ list following the step by step procedure described below.

How to hide your Instagram photos from certain followers

Step 1: Opening Instagram

A person has opened InstagramTo start the process, you first need to open the Instagram icon which is pink and white with a camera on it. That will appear in your applications once you have downloaded it.

Step 2: Logging into your account

Instagram login

If you already have an account, add in the username and password to log in. In case you don’t have one, you can go to the sign-up option and create an account.

Step 3: Going to your profile

Once the account is logged in you will click the “User profile” icon located on the bottom corner of the right side.

Step 4: Three horizontal line button

Click the three horizontal lines

Once that is done, you now must click the button with three horizontal lines located on the screen on the top right side. Clicking it will open a side menu on the right screen of your phone/desktop.

Step 5: Selecting close friends

Creating a list of close friends on Instagram

Once the menu opens, click the close friends’ button. To the people whom you want to show your stories and photos to, add their names in the search bar and press the add button to add them to your close friend list. This way, you can choose close friends and make a list.

Step 6: Adding a story or photo

sharing story/post to only close friends

Next, you can click a photo or post it from your gallery and when you’re done, you will get the “send to” option bottom right side of the page. Once you click that, the options that open have the “Close friends only” button. Click the button and your setting is now to only close friends, which means that your story can only be viewed by the people whom you’ve added to your close friend’s list.

This ensures that your photos are only shared with the people that you have entered into your close friend’s list. The rest of your followers cannot see your photos helping you achieve your goals of keeping your photos hidden from certain followers.

Many of us don’t want to share our photos with everyone in our friend list. For reasons that may be personal, people often hide their stories from their family members. So, if you’re someone who needs to limit who can see your photos, here’s your guide.

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