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Donald Trump Tweets Regarding Oath Taking Ceremony in January


The Election Day

As you all know people buy twitter followers cheap to increase their popularity. As on 8th November 2016, the United States of America elected its 45th president named, Donald Trump. The 8th November was surely a shocking day for many Americans, who claimed to vote for Hilary Clinton. The Donald Trump got 62.9 million votes, which broke the record of George W. Bush, which he set back in 2004 of 62.09 million votes. Still, he was unable to beat the record of Barack Obama, which is around 69.5 million votes.

Almost every other celebrity, along with the president himself were supporting Hilary Clinton. Therefore, it was quite anticipated that Hilary would be the next elected president, especially when the haters of Donald Trump kept rolling in out of every corner. Moreover, many claims that the Russians might have played some part in ensuring the victory of Trump, but it is useless to debate on this particular belief now. These are two of the reasons that some people, including Hilary Clinton, wanted a recount, but it did not work out.

Donald Trump Tweets Regarding Oath Taking Ceremony in January

Now, as the new president has been elected. So, in 2021 Joe Biden in going to attend the oath taking ceremony.


Trump versus Twitter Followers

Yes, Trump versus Twitter is one of the most discussed gossips and can surely be considered as one of the most dramatic ones too. All that drama, which people got to see on Twitter, before the election, was just hilarious and offensive at the same time. Such tweets did not end even after the election, as the elected president decided to keep giving some love and hate doses to the people all around the world. As per a recent research, during the past few months, there has been quite a drastic increase in the Twitter’s users, just because people did not want to miss the Trump’s tweets and all the responses to such tweets.

President Donald Trump

From the last few days, the Donald Trump has been tweeting regarding the oath-taking ceremony, which will be held on 20th January 2017. Such tweets surely show his excitement to join the White House as a President, along with the excitement of replacing Barack Obama as the president. In one of his tweets, he ranted about how well and such a hard work he is doing, even before been officially assigned the duties of a president. Moreover, on 14th January, 2017, he tweeted about how big the inauguration is going to be, telling the people of Washington to get prepared for a thrilling ceremony.

He tweeted about the jobs, which he is creating for the Americans by bringing new businesses in the country, also about all the recent cost reductions, which are made possible because of his efforts. The latest tweet is about the John Lewis, who said that it would be the first every inauguration ceremony, which he will not attend. In response to Lewis’s statement, Trump tweeted an incomplete sentence that Lewis also did not attend the  43rd inauguration ceremony involving George Bush. Then, Trump left the statement incomplete by questioning that whether they should consider the Lewis’ statement as a lie or a wrong one.

Well, this seems like a never ending drama, so let’s wait for the inauguration ceremony  of 2021 to enjoy some more interesting tweets.

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