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Top ten facts about Twitter

Twitter is one of the world’s largest social media networks. It tends to be associated with a certain level of professionalism and is widely appreciated nowadays, by professionals as well as non-professionals. It is a general trend to be on Twitter as well as on other social media. But what makes Twitter so special and why is it so popular? Here is a list of some compiled interesting facts about Twitter that will make you even more curious about Twitter if you don’t have an account already.

Amazing Facts Before You Buy Twitter Followers Cheap

  • Twitter has 241 million monthly active users. 500 million tweets are sent every day. A platform that has 241 million active monthly users definitely gives plenty of opportunities to people. It is a well-established global network that keeps growing.


  • A majority of Twitter’s active users checks Twitter from their mobile phones (76%). This shows the extent to which Twitter has become a portable social network.


  • Twitter supports more than 35 languages, which is proof of the fact that it is a global network that brings together people from very different backgrounds.


  • Within 3 years, 2 months and 1 day, Twitter had achieved its billionth Tweet. In fact, Twitter is an ever-growing platform…


  • 72% of Twitter followers of a brand are likely to purchase a certain product of that brand at some point. This shows how impactful and influencing Twitter can be. Is it one of the preferred social media platform for brands to update their customers and to hire new customers/followers.


  • Twitter employs more than 2700 employees from all around the globe and 50% of them are engineers.


  • 32% of all internet users use Twitter as well. Twitter is less used than Facebook, but it has some advantages that increasingly attract new users.


  • Twitter is a must-use network for all influencing and prominent public figures. 90% of top 50 U.S. law firms are on Twitter. 80% of the world’s leaders use Twitter. And Barack Obama is the top world leader to be followed by an extremely large number of people on Twitter.


  • Twitter is extremely interesting even if you don’t specially like sharing or tweeting things. In fact, 40% of Twitter users check Twitter in order to read the news, click on links and follow accounts without tweeting.


  • Twitter is probably one of the social media networks that offers great things with simplicity. Twitter’s ease of use makes it really attractive. Unlike Snapchat, there aren’t plenty of functionalities to adjust to. Plus there is great potential if you want to reach large audiences and communicate from people from all over the world. For brands and businesses, Twitter is one of their favorite platforms.

Conclusion: Top Ten Facts About Twitter

In short, if you don’t have a Twitter account yet, it will definitely prove to be an excellent idea to create one. Not just for the sake of creating one, but because Twitter has plenty of interesting things to offer, is extremely simple to use, and it is not full of useless and lengthy posts (the 140 characters limitations is definitely the number one advantage of Twitter…).

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What Would Be the Response of the Lords of the Rings on Twitter

Lord of the rings has now come up with the streaming service and has moved forward with Amazon by providing the series a commitment of multi-season commitment.

A corporate synergy will be provided to Amazon with the production of LOTR TV series. LOTR books were nominated as the consumer’s favorite book of 1999 until today this book series has been admired by the consumers with the production of movies and now series.

It has been reported by Variety magazines that the well-renowned fantasy novel of J.R.R Tolkien’s series is now being under development at Amazon after it has been bought by Tolkien estate and the warner bros television.

This new television series will explore the storylines of ‘The Fellowship of the ring’. This series will be produced by the Amazon production studios incorporating the Tolkien’s estate and trust, the Harper Collins and the new line cinema which is the division of Warner bros entertainment.

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LOTR has been able to capture fans and followers generation’s imagination through books and through movies and now it is ready to gain the imagination through series also. The cultural phenomena displayed by LOTR are scripted under amazon studios and they are honored to work with Tolkien’s estate on this collaboration with the television after conquering the books and cinema. The LOTR fans are much excited about the production and development of the series.

The LOTR movies have always gained much fame and money and it is a time that they take over the T.V as well. With huge fan following and fame, now it is expected that LOTR series will also be a big success.

The three movies of the lord of the rings were able to gain a combined gross amount of six billion dollars worldwide. The cast of the movies included the top and the finest actors like Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen, Viggo Mortensen, Liv Tyler, Sean Astin, Orlando Bloom. The movie was able to collect more than 17 academy awards which also included the award for the best picture. The cast was found very happy on the big success of the movie now we are waiting for the announcement of the new series cast. This new series will explore the stories based on the writings of J.R.R Tolkien.

The new programming mandate stated by Amazon is the main reason why LOTR is going to be developed and produced; this mandate is dictated by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. The streamer is expecting to witness the same success as witnessed by the game of throne series.

Further details of this series like the writer, producer, and actors will soon be announced but till now these names are still not announced.

It has also been said that the fantastic setting and the storyline characters show great resemblance to the very famous game of throne series, which is one of the biggest TV show in the world. Now everyone just hopes that this tv series shall also be able to gain the response of the lords of the rings on Amazon be as much success as gained by GOT.



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Why Buying Twitter Followers is Preferred over SEO?

SMM and SEO are two of the marketing strategies that you will find on the internet. There is a huge debate about which one is better and what should a person pick. Well, it is much like a battle between Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola. It depends on your taste that which one you prefer. However, in recent times, it has been in observation that more and more people go for social media marketing instead of search engine optimization. Why is it happening? Should you follow the trend or you must change your ways? Let’s take a look at why buying twitter followers is preferred over SEO.

Peer recommendations with a single click Twitter Followers Cheap

When it comes to organic search and stuff like that, peer recommendations take a while. The person will go and ask some of his friend to check a website or an article or a product on it. The friend will do it only if he remember that when he gets free time or when he feels that he should do it. However, when it is on social media, it just pops up in front of them and they are like ‘hey, here is something I must take a look at’ and immediately they go for it. If there is an individual who likes your post on facebook, comment on it on Instagram, or retweet it on his twitter account, it will be shown to his connections who can further take action and join which improves engagement concerning your post.

Buying Twitter Followers
Buying Twitter Followers

Response to queries in real time

When you market something, the first aim is to try and bring people to your page. Then you ask them for the recommendations and reviews. There are times when you receive a few negative ones along with the bulk of positive ratings. So, to address the problems and answer the queries of an individual cannot be more easy than to connect to them using any social platform. Remember the name, it is SOCIAL MEDIA and it means that you are making your business social too! You are making your brand friendly for people and you do not only get attached to them but you get a lot of loyalty as well that put up a positive impact on your business.

Buying your way to your audience

One of the biggest reasons why social media marketing is preferred over seo is that you buy your way in front of your audience. When you do SEO, you are doing everything possible to make sure that your site comes up whenever user searches for a relevant query. However, with social media marketing, you are actually making yourself appear in front of people who possess any relevant interest. This is what gives an edge to social media marketing. You are able to pop up in front of any person who is roaming around scrolling his news feed and spending time on random stuff unlike seo where you have to wait for a person to search for something relevant so that your site/blog can appear.

Buy Twitter Followers Cheap Twitter Followers Social Media Marketing

How To Become Successful With Fashion Blogging on Social Media

Fashion bloggers are the pioneers of redefining fashion in a sense and style in a manner that retailers, publications, and designers are not able to do. They are creative people who are forward thinkers and thus perceive things differently.

So if you wish to become successful with fashion blogging on social media than below are described some important things that shall be followed in your content to build your image and brand.

Focus on the content’s quality & Buy Twitter Followers Cheap

Readers won’t be interested in your site until or unless you are able to come up with some good quality content. So follow the below-given tips to improve the content’s quality

Finding the niche

Before writing a blog it is very important that what interest makes you different from others, and then once you find it is best to focus on your niche. So try to set your blog apart from others by coming up with new and creative ways to stand out. If you found that someone has already done it than try to come with something new or at least bring a new style to the older one, add your own creativity to it.

A women writing a fashion blog
Writing a fashion blog is fun

Name your blog;

When coming with up some new creative blog that provides the creative and new information to the reader or to the follower, then it is very important that the name of the blog should also be creative. The name represents you so it basically represents the creativity of yours. The name also allows the reader to build a relationship with your blog like it can relate to your blog personally.

Buying the domain;

As soon as you have come up with the name of the bog it is best to buy a domain for it as well. If you own a domain of your own than other businesses will take your blog more seriously.

Hiring a web designer

If you want to become more famous on social media in less time than it is best to hire a web designer for your blog. A web designer will come up with ways to make your blog more interesting, attracting and creative with regard to fashion and style.

Invest in high-quality photography and buying Twitter Followers

Fashion blogging is all about pictures and details that can only be achieved best with high-resolution cameras or phone. It is important to capture the clear image, blurry images send the wrong message about the quality of the content. The picture is something that is viewed as the content by the reader. You can either buy a good quality phone or a DSLR would do more justice to your blog.

Social media

Social media is the main platform that helps you to get the maximum followers. Every blogger now has the fan following on Facebook, Instagram, snapchat etc, They are the key to gain most fame. Fashion marketing has gained all the attention on social media now; social media has now become a platform for the marketers to do marketing regarding different fashion brands and individuals. Fashion designers and brands find the best target market on social media as everyone now is using social media so it is easy for brands to reach their customers through this platform.


Buy Twitter Followers Social Media Marketing

Viber, Skype, Facebook & Twitter Followers : Competitive Study

Social media is an important platform now a day and each network try to facilitate the consumer to a maximum level. People use these networks to build a great social circle so that the information can be shared and they can have a better understanding of things. In this competition, the services offered by these networks are made better so that they can have maximum share out of the market. So is the case with Viber and Skype, both of them having a great number of audience but they are still way behind Facebook Messenger because of the few following reasons.

Integration with facebook

The important advantage obtained by Facebook messenger is that it has first mover advantage. This is present in this field before Skype and Viber were. Also the installation of Facebook messenger is now made must with the Facebook application. Facebook is a platform that is used largely in the world so everyone who is using Facebook either on Android, windows or iOS, he must have Facebook messenger installed in his phone. This integration with the main application of Facebook gives Facebook messenger a huge competitive advantage.

Need of Sim

There is no need to have sim card to operate Facebook messenger. However if a person want to operate Viber on phone, it is necessary to have a sim card because it work on the basis of cell phone number. Skype also work without sim card but it is a compulsion for Viber user to have sim card registered. So the installation of applications like Facebook messenger and Skype is easy to do on the devices that have no slot for sim card.

Showing Typing

Whatsapp messenger and skype are somewhat same because both of them show that the person on the other end is typing, while this feature is not available on viber. This makes it more user friendly for th messenger users to use facebook messenger. People prefer to use this because of this feature.

Strong networking

Another reason behind the success of Facebook messenger as compared to Skype and viber is that it has more user base, the people using messenger are much more than the ones on other networks. This make it really easy for the people to connect with their social circles and work communities. Viber is a new network and not many people know about it, so it is not easy for people to find their known people up here.

Availability of Twitter Followers Cheap

Facebook messenger is available on PC also however Viber cannot be downloaded on personal computer. Skype also has the facility of being available on the computer. This makes it easy for people to synchronize their chats on both computer and phone. They can access chats from anywhere they want. However in case of Viber, it can only be installed on cell phone and the chat cannot be synchronized to computer.

Personalization of application

Facebook can be easily personalized depending on the preference of person. Colors, design and appearance can be changed as the person like. Also the changes in the appearance patterns of cell phone apply on the Facebook application. However, in case of Viber, the user cannot change colors and theme because everything is built in and it is not flexible.