Social Media Star Buys Twitter Followers For Fame in 2017

Selena Gomez who is the most popular singer and actor has turned out the most followed and chased person on Social media, especially on Twitter and Instagram. She is considered to be the queen of social media because of her huge fan following on social media networks and people buy twitter followers to get more followers on twitter. As, social media is a great stage or a platform for all kinds of entertainment. She stays active and updates the social media profiles by posting her videos, photos and via making tweets on twitter. Also her social linkups today, are what makes her gain more fame and followers and has made her a social media star. Her genuineness has made popular the bitter phenomenon of social media.

  • Queen of social media

Selena has a huge list of followers on her social media accounts especially on her Instagram. Millions of people from all over the world are following on twitter and Instagram account. Because of this, she is known as the queen of social media. She feels blessed to have such a huge fan following on her social media accounts. Her millions of fans are known as the Selenators. She is pleased for everything that has got Selena this fame and popularity.


  • Engaging the Audience

The fans of Selena Gomez are deeply hooked and engaged as someone who has remarkably comprehended Selena’s name on some sort of gag on twitter has well informed ,is quite loving and ardent. Actually, Selena’s fans are very inspired and always eagerly wait to see Selena’s new issue and her new events. Selena’s good friendship with Taylor Swift and the Justin Bieber fact aggravates to more depth have advertised her pertinence and importance on the social media network.

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  • Conspiracy factor

Her fans share a sort of conspiracy factor with her on social media, because of her link ups and break up with Justin Bieber, who is a renowned artist and famous singer of recent times. Her fans have got so much for gossiping’s. Many fans follow her with the hope they might work together in future. A large number of Justin’s fans also known as Beliebers follow her on social media especially on Instagram either due to kindness and strong fondness or due to mockery and disrespect. They follow her to get up dates about every move, and to get to know what is going on in her life, and also to know about her music tours and albums. As people are always interested in other’s life matters and always get into a suspense that what will come, up next.


Posts of Selena Gomez on social media targets for some kind of relatability, in easy going and low sustaining way. The descriptions of her photos and posts are usually on the self-frowning or self-deprecating part. Also her music is what makes her gain more popularity. She has given a number of hit songs.People love and appreciate her songs and music from all over the world. She actively posts the teasers of her new songs on her social media which drags more traffic on her accounts.