How To Watch Tik Tok In Slow Motion

Tik Tok is the most popular and most used social platform these days producing amazing stars. You might be perfect and know everything about using the app but most of the times people are really confused about how to make or convert their video in a slow motion. A few steps are to be followed in this regard that can help you slow down the video so that you are able to capture each and every second of the post.

How to do it? how to make slomo on tiktok

An easy method is to press the three dots or small arrow on your video which are present at the down corner on the right side of the screen. At the bottom, a “menu” option will appear that lets you save the video in your device. You have to press on it and go to Snapchat. There you can open your camera roll and choose the saved video from Tik Tok. That video will appear as a snap-on your screen. A small snail icon will pop up when you go to the right that slows down your video. You are good to go to save it.

Another method with a detailed guide is as follows

  • Open the application to log into your account
  • In the mid at the very down part of your screen, a “+” will be visible that allows you to record a new video
  • On the right-hand side is a speed” icon which resembles to a kitchen timer
  • From there you can select a new speed for your video which will appear down the screen. There are two ways to slow down the video. First is 0.5 X speed and second is 0.3 X speed. If you want to fast forward it, press 2X and 3X
  • As soon as you select the speed you want for your video, press on the red circle so that it can start shooting your video once done. First, you will be shown the original video at normal speed but then it will slow down to the speed you selected before recording it
  • Click on the checkmark when you are done
  • You can add different effects and make changes the way you like and then post it

The reasons to slow down the video 

When you are watching a Tik Tok video, sometimes you skip something really important and may not be able to watch it again because the video might be too long. You may have to watch it all over again to see the part that you exactly missed out. Therefore, slowing down the video is a good option where you can enjoy all the glorious moments present in it. 

Benefits of slowing down the videoslomo on tiktok

Very basic benefit for slowing down the Tik Tok video is that it is an amazing effect to the existing video. Slow-motion provides a chic style and classy look of a person.

The other basic benefit is to be apart of the video from all corners to enjoy it to the fullest

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