How Social Media Like Twitter and Instagram Is Changing The World?

Social media has changed the world. Is it for the good or bad is an ongoing debate throughout the world. However regardless of the change being good or bad, there is no denying that social media has changed and evolved the world and the impact of social media is much larger than many perceive it to be. If in case you have ever thought about how social media is changing the world; we ask you to stop right there and have a read. In this article, we have listed all possible changes that social media could have made to this world in the past few years.

Changes in the world Through Twitter & Facebook

The world itself is every changing; days change into night, winters change into summers, life changes into death and the list of changes is endless. But to add to this list of changes are the ones that social media brings into our lives. Social media is hands down the most powerful medium right now and the impact that it has on the lives of people (emotionally, psychologically, physically and financially) is undeniable.

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Impact of social media on this world

Here are a few ways in which social media has changed the world in our opinion. No one person can define either of these changes to be good or bad as the opinions of people can never be objective. However, it is always good to know what is the ‘changed world’ that we are living in.

  1. Social media has made people self-centered

One of the biggest changes that social media has brought about in this world and in the lives of people is narcissism. People are now extremely engrossed in their own petty little worlds. The extent of narcissism and self-centrism is so much that people are actually ignorant to the very next person that sits with them. Though this change is debatable and there are people who refuse any such change but the truth has been told and is known to many.

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  1. Social media is educating people

On the upside, social media has created a general awareness and knowledge amongst people about matters that were previously never thought of. Even in parts of the world where education is not a major trend even today, Social media is playing its role in spreading awareness and educating people. There are many people out there who cannot afford expensive schools to formally educate their children. For all such people, social media is the school they never had.

  1. Social media like Twitter promotes unity

If there is one major change that social media has made to this world it is unity. It has united people and helped them rise above racial, cultural and gender differences. For instance the terrorist attack on a children’s school in Peshawar, Pakistan was mourned by the world. There were a general empathy and humanity that raised much above religious and cultural boundaries. Social media plays a huge role in this regard as this was something that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. It gives a voice to all people who have no other way to speak and the fact that how fast social media is no secret to anybody.

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  1. Social media promotes interaction

Even though many think that social media has weakened the bonds and ties of family and friends; the reality is completely opposite. In fact, social media provides a single platform for interaction and communication with old friends and new. The interaction necessarily does not have to be through words. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that social media is the pioneer of introducing communication without the aids of verbal language. People stay up-to-date and in constant contact with their loved ones through their social media accounts. Photographs, videos, likes, followers, posts – the options for communication are unlimited all thanks to the social media. It makes interaction faster and smoother and creative!

  1. Social media brings out the lighter side of people

Since the world has become a rather difficult place to live in and through social media is highlighting all serious issues; it does not mean it is all serious. Social media has a positive impact on the mental health of people according to a recent survey. This is because social media has taught people to see the humor in everything. People have a good laugh because of social media. Memes; parodies and similar things have become extremely popular and are like the breeze of relief when the situation is intense and depressing.

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