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What is Twitter?

Twitter is one of the communication channels. It is a social network company that provides various services like broadcasting, posting online, sharing information (blogging) and short messages, upload photos and online news. It is one of the most visited websites. And it is a fast growing website with the passage of time. Tweets are posted by registered users only, however unregistered followers can only read the tweets posted on it.

Followers can access twitter through mobile application or website interface. It is a largest source of economic and political information throughout the world. Millions of tweets are posted in a day. The content of tweet is classified into six categories including news, general conversation, spam messages, babble, self-promotion and pass along value. A specific topic becomes a trending topic through people’s efforts or current event that stimulates people to gossip about it.

Twitter users can send private along with public messages. Privacy policy regarding information provides more security and protection to its users. Twitter has been used for various political activities like organizing protests, election campaigns, political addresses, civil disobedience, etc. In short, twitter is a tool for mass communication. Twitter promotes learning, active participation and academia engagement.

Twitter is a vast source of social, political, cultural, environmental, economical and demographic information. Twitter is a platform for real time interaction with the people sitting at far distance within a second. You can discover interesting people and even can follow them as long as you want. People use twitter as marketing tool to market their product and services conveniently with the customer’s feedback as well. In short, it is a blend of various services.

How 500 Twitter Followers Help in Business & Reviews?

Following on twitter adds value to your business. Followers on twitter not only see your tweets but take actions that add value to the business. They generate favorable perception about your business, help in extending the reach and turnover of your business. 78% of people retweet the content of SMBs. 75% of the followers feel good by following and reading SMBs’ tweets. While 69% of the followers go for purchase decision. The number of followers increases with the increase in number of tweets or posts on daily basis. Thus, increase the business follow up for its success and growth.

According to a research, 64% of users purchase from brands that they follow on twitter. Businesses can respond to the quires of followers regrading product’s price, features, quality, availability, etc. that will create good will of your business with a simple reply. These followers can turn to loyal customers in future. Twitter allows business do real time marketing to target potential customers.

You may share your business story as a micro-blog. Use your brand name as a user name for your specific business identification. Follow your business stakeholders (customers, competitors, suppliers and vendors) to collect information about them in a short time. Talk smarter by focusing on the benefits of your products or services. Followers can share your tweet and website with others thus, promoting your business. Sharing photographs of your products will increase the credibility of your business.

How Spending $1 For Followers On Twitter is More Valuable?

Spending $1 on social media for business marketing is much more valuable than spending millions of dollars on advertising. With the rapid growing technological world you need to learn online advertising (eMarketing) that costs nothing as compared to bill boards, TVCs or print media advertising where you have to spend a lot of money. Twitter offers you a cheap online marketing platform for your business.

You can expand your business globally with a simple twitter account. Twitter ads have a vast reach targeting millions of people at a time. You may target your customers on the basis of gender, relationship status, occupation, etc. These twitter ads require only $1 per day. These ads provide awareness about products or services that your business offer.

How Cheap Twitter Followers $1 ensure credibility?

One of the essential motives of every business is to develop goodwill before customers. Developing positive perception is important for building brand credibility. Having more number of followers on twitter represent good business image. Number of twitter followers is a standard to judge credibility. The level of engagement is important to retain your active followers.  If you are a strong influential twitterer, the more followers you will attract to your business account and more will be your credibility.

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