How Many Followers Does Jacob Sartorius Have on Instagram

Rolf Jacob Sartorius is mostly known as just ‘Jacob Sartorius’ due to his social media usernames. Jacob Sartorius first started from the app  and Tik Tok. He also posted comedic and entertaining videos on Vine.

People were fascinated by such appealing videos so more and more people started following and liking his videos. That’s where he got his fame from and now he is known as an American singer as well as prominent internet personality.

Jacob Sartorius has 8.9M followers on Instagram

Jacob Sartorius History

The actual birth name of Jacob Sartorius is ‘Rolf Sartorius’. He was born on October 2, during the year 2002. His birth place was Tulsa, Oklahoma which is in America. He is a good singer and knows how to play a guitar. 2016 has been his golden year when he released his debut single known as “Sweatshirt”. This made him so popular that in America’s Hot 100 chart “sweatshirt” was placed in top 90s.

People started getting crazy for him as he was the new internet sensation. So in the same year he gained so much fame that he was the 9th most searched musical artist. Then once again, another very remarkable debut was released on January 20th, 2017 known as “The Last text” which included 8 songs. This one was again a block buster as it was not only placed on number 32 on the Us billboard but also rolled out and extended its prominence in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland and Scotland.

His next three releases became unsuccessful in achieving and maintaining the goal couldn’t make it to the billboard and gained less appreciation worldwide.


Early Life

For some reason, Sartorius’s real parents had to give him up when he was born to other family who could take good care of their new adopted child. He was moved to Virginia along his new parents who adopted him and spent his early life there. In a very young age, he brought into light his hidden talent by performing in musicals. As a kid, this made other kids in school bully him a lot.

He had been a victim of bullying from a very young age. By the age of 11, through a video, he gave a message to stop bullying by making a video and posting it on Vine. This was the first time he started becoming active on Vine.

Career of Jacob Sartorius on Social Media Networks

The kick-start to his online fame was when he started becoming active on and made lip-syncing videos. Soon he made it to the app’s top stars and gained as many as 8 million followers on by the end of August, 2016. You can also gain followers on instagram cheap like him through Tweetnfollow.

As his popularity grew, the bullying at school intensified. This made him change schools three times. In early 2019, Sartorius opened up about bullying and told the fans that bullying did a great damage to his young little self that he had to undergo therapy and took anti-depressants since he was 11.


Social media followers of Jacob Sartorius

On the app Vine, Sartorius has 1.3M loops.

On the app Youtube, he has 3M subscribers.

On the app Tik Tok, he has 20.4M followers.

On the app instagram, he has 8.9M followers.