How to manage your electricity consumption with latest android apps

Managing your bills can be tricky and especially with the fluctuating prices of electricity it becomes crucial for you to keep a record of how much energy you are consuming. There are apps like Social Media Apps that work for tracking consumption. There are more than one ways of managing your electricity bills, but the easiest of all is perhaps using the android apps available to you in play store.

They help you in keeping track of how much electricity you have used and enables you to estimate the amount you will have to pay as accurately as possible. So, let’s dive into it and see how to manage your electricity consumption with latest android apps.

Select a Social Media App and Download More Content

First of all, you need to select a suitable app. There are a number of applications available to you in play store and they come with various features. So, you have to consider what are the things that you need to keep track of and which one is most suitable for your work. Do note that there are some fake apps too so you may regret using one such app. Therefore, be careful with your choice.

Add your appliances and their consumption

This part differs depending on the app that you are using. Some of the apps will ask you to add machines that you use regularly and how many hours you use them. Also, you are required to input their power consumption so that the calculator then estimate how much power they are regularly using. On the other hand, there may be apps where you have to manually input the energy and consumption time before you can get the final power consumption.

Enter the cost

The next step is to enter the cost of electricity. It varies from location to location. There may be hours of spending when you are charged more and then the hours where charges are less. So, be careful with the amount that you enter because if you enter wrong prices, then you will end up with the wrong estimate. Some apps will ask you to enter along with appliances and consumption times to give you estimate at the spot about how much your appliance cost and then there are software that will calculate it considering the total power used.

Set a deadline

There are some apps that allow you to set a consumption deadline. As soon as your bill falls in the ‘danger zone’ the app will alert you. So, you can control your electricity use and be sure that you pay bill according to your budget.

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