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How Can I Hide Who I’m Following on Instagram from My Followers?

Social media connects you with your friends and family, Instagram is one of the popular platforms to engage with your loved ones. But sometimes you need privacy. It’s necessary to avoid a stranger audience to rush into your profile and dig into your private life. This kind of exposure is only good when you are a celebrity as it is a way to get more followers. But not everyone needs to be that open. There is always a follower you want to keep a secret. That might be your ex or someone from the family. We won’t dig in too much. But in that case, you need to know privacy features on Instagram that might help you out.


Going private on Instagram is the best option to hide all your data from others. You can get you to have your personal space and people you want to share that space with. Go to settings, click on privacy, and then chose a private account. This will hide all your posts from the visitors. But this is only a solution for people who do not follow you. What about your followers? Unfortunately, Instagram has not yet discovered any option for this problem, you cannot make followers not to see your following list. But you can unfollow them if you want and block them too.

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When you allow people into your account, there is almost no possibility to hide your posts from them. But there is one way that will only restrict that particular follower to go visible on your account. Sometimes people get to know about your followers from the posts they like or comment on, you can make it stop by changing the privacy of your post. This will not only hide your post but other followers whom you do not want to know about the suspicious follower will not get aware of it.

How can I hide who I’m following on Instagram from my followers? Blocking them?

We have sorted out to change the privacy of account, hiding your post and making them restrict to like or comment, but there is one solid solution, just block them! It’s as easy as flying away bee from your nose. You might have followed someone recently that you don’t want one of your previous followers to know about this mystery follower. The only thing you can do is to block them. Go to their profile, on top right corner 3 dots will appear, click and then boom! Here you go.

Private apps

App searching is very friendly. You can type any word related to your problem, like now we need followers to hide from your following list, just type similar search and you will find many options. I have not used these apps, as they might not be so authentic, but you can still give it a try. Install the app and let the magic do wonders. It’s your lucky you might get the actual app to solve the problem. But we surely are waiting for this option to get introduced from Instagram. Well, fingers crossed you never know.

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