If one person watches the same YouTube video twice, does it count it as one or two views?

If one person watches the same video twice or more times it will count according to the times he has viewed the video in certain conditions. YouTube has a policy that a video has to be watched at least 30 seconds to gain a view.

So, even if a person watches a video 50 times and all the times and all the times if he watches the video for at least 30 seconds the YouTube views will be counted as 50 for that person. This is not only for the watchers, even if the content creator himself watches the video multiple times his views will count too.


The difference is that when the user watches the video he will give the creator a certain revenue for the ads displayed. When the creator himself will watch the video he will not get the ad revenue as YouTube looks into this matter.

An Important point to be noted is that you can’t watch the video infinite times. After some time YouTube will stop counting your views to protect in case of spam. This a policy point of the platform

So yes you can ask your friends, family, and other known people including yourself to watch the video multiple times. This is done by some people to get more YouTube views. Mainly it is done by those who don’t get the number of views and user responses that they had expected on their videos.

Criteria for short videos

One more point to be kept in mind if you repeat video on YouTube is that if the video is below 30 seconds or is of exactly 30 seconds you have to watch it all the way to count it as a view. This policy was established because sometimes the thumbnails on the videos can be confusing and you are misguided by the uploader.

Yes. YouTube is a very convenient way to get people to know your worth and prove yourself but certainly, it is not the easiest. To grow and have enough YouTube views you need to work hard even then if the people who prefer your type of videos will slowly acknowledge you and sometimes this might not even happen. So success on YouTube is a mix of hard work and good luck.