How Much Money can 1 million Views on YouTube Pay?

To simply put the answer, 1 million views on YouTube pay about 1000$. But this also depends upon the content creator. It can vary for different regions. On an average 1000 YouTube views can pay about 0.001$

Money paid by YouTube is also dependent on how many channels does one person have. Some people have multiple channels across the platform. YouTube takes 45% of the revenue and the other cuts and earnings are dependent on MCN representation.


But this is not the only way YouTubers earn money. When creators earn fame and become very well-known many sponsors are attracted to them and offer them great sums of money. These are all additional payments and they are not to be paid to YouTube. This deal is just between the creator and the dealer. But still, none of this is possible without enough YouTube views.


Advertising is a pretty common and most used method on YouTube as well. Ads benefit all YouTube, the creators, and the companies that are putting on the advertisements. YouTube does earn most of the revenue but still there a great amount of commission handed to the creators and the brand as well. The You Tubers are paid through a system made by Google in partnership with YouTube known as AdSense.

YouTube is a great platform and is home to many content creators. Many famous people who were immensely talented and failed to get recognition via Television media have been discovered through YouTube. Finding their full potential using YouTube has helped a lot of people go from total rags to a very good lifestyle.

The creators do a lot of stuff to get more YouTube views. Some even do stuff like giveaways to attract more audience. One thing is for certain as the audience is moving from TV media to the internet, YouTube is earning more and more popularity. Most TV channels are shifting on it as people are now preferring YouTube as it is more convenient. You can not only watch old content but also have control over it because you can rewind, forward, pause, and play everything.

It also remains a fact that gaining popularity on YouTube is not that simple. You have to work hard because as we saw you have to have at least 1000 YouTube views to earn a mere 0.001$. So, hard work is necessary whether on YouTube or anywhere else