How much is 1 Million Views Worth on YouTube?

YouTube works differently for different regions and content creators. But for the grown content creators with a large audience, it generally pays an amount between 1000$ to 4000$. For the people having a little traffic, it is way less than this.

We found out that 1 million on YouTube pays around a thousand to four thousand dollars but that’s not all. YouTubers don’t depend on the YouTube AdSense only to gain money. They have multiple other sources for earning which are through YouTube but they don’t have to give any commission to the platform for it at all.

It also accounts for the countries and regions when paying the money. In countries like the USA, the UK and India and other countries that have YouTubers with following or subscriptions in millions the payment is quite more than what the creators get that are from the countries where YouTube does not have such influence

How to earn with less views?

If you have a smaller audience it is likely you cannot earn enough from YouTube as 1000 YouTube views can pay only some amounts of dollars which is certainly not enough. To compensate these creators take aid from other brands by doing endorsements. They are approached by a company that sponsors them and they have to promote their product on their channel and get paid in exchange.

Some ways other than YouTube views through which creators earn money are:

  • Getting associated with a brand by keeping his audience updated about the brand and keep getting paid for it.
  • Selling merchandise. People love to wear merchandise of their favorite creators so they create different garments and accessories and people buy them so the creators earn from there.
  • Some YouTubers do live sessions in which many people donate a lot of money hence making a good add on for YouTubers

Getting more audience

You need to have at least hundreds of thousands of YouTube views to earn a decent amount of money. So, to get more YouTube views you need to work hard to achieve that million mark so you can earn a handsome amount along with different brand endorsements for further income.

YouTube is a great platform for someone who wants to prove himself to everyone, though it is not easy growing on YouTube. But this is not something to be disheartened because if you have a certain talent there are many chances that sooner or later you will have yourself a long list of admirers.