How Many Followers Do You Need To Be Verified On Instagram?

What are Verified Badges?

A verified badge on your Instagram profile is a blue tick or check which appears next to the name of the account holder on both the search and the profile. A verified badge assists people in finding and following celebrities, public figures, influencers, and authentic global brands.

What does it mean to be Verified on Instagram?

Being verified on Instagram helps followers make sure that the account of the public figure they want to follow is authentic and not of someone trying to impersonate the public figure since the account itself has been confirmed by Instagram.

What is required to apply for a Verified Badge?

In order for an Instagram account to be verified a certain account verification and eligibility requirement criteria needs to be fulfilled. It is mandatory for the account holder to follow Instagram’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Moreover, it should belong to or represent an authentic public figure or a legally registered business or brand and be in the best interest of the public.

The account requiring verification must be specific to only one person, brand, or business. No two or more accounts of a specific person, brand, or business can be or are eligible to be verified.  The account’s settings must be on ‘public’ and must include a profile picture, bio and a minimum of one post is required. Lastly, the account must belong to or be the representation of a renowned and exceedingly searched person, brand, or business.

How Many Followers Do You Need To Be Verified On Instagram?

On the topic of being renowned and notable, the number of followers a person has on Instagram also plays a role but that of criteria to be fulfilled in order to get a blue tick. Contrary to popular belief there are no longer a fixed number of followers required to get a verification badge on Instagram.

But a large number of Instagram followers do play a large part in attaining one of the eligibility requirement criteria of getting a verification badge, which is to be notable. More followers indicate that the person, brand, or business is noteworthy, newsworthy and significant.

To add to that, when reviewing an accounts verification badge request, Instagram takes into consideration the likely chances of the person or brands account to being impersonated. An Instagram account with a low number of followers hardly has a chance of being impersonated, but the larger an account the greater the chances of it being Instagram-copied.

All of which indicates the importance of having a large number of followers on an Instagram account. Yet, it must be kept in mind that there is no maximum limit on getting a certain number of followers on Instagram, which could eventually get an account a blue tick or a verification badge on Instagram.

Accounts aiming to get approved on Instagram as soon as possible need to:

  • Stay active on their Instagram accounts
  • Suggest that they may be at risk of getting impersonated
  • Promote their Instagram accounts on their other social profiles and their websites.

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