How I Bought 1,000 Twitter Followers From Tweetnfollow

Mike Elgan, of whom I’m a great admirer, has been involved in conducting some amazing work. He might not do it in the sweetest way possible but his work is commendable. Recently he started a website were one could check fake twitter followers. It lets you know which of the accounts following you are fake and which one of them are genuine. He has listed various websites involved in the business of selling twitter followers.

These websites vary mainly in their prices. A website named InterTwitter sells 1,000 twitter followers for $14 whereas 5,000 followers cost $43 and 100, 00 cost $487. Another such website called FanMeNow has even lower rates than this. Here 1000 followers cost $10 and one million followers cost a whopping $1,350.

There are further more sites which not only function on providing twitter followers but also promise of providing active followers and yet another differentiation is made amongst American followers and non-American followers. These followers cost more than the regular ones. Buying 1000 normal or let’s say global followers will only cost $10 whereas buying American followers will cost up to $50 per 1000 followers. Global 100, 00 for $460 is faced with 100, 00 yanks for $4,650.

Just to be sure I took a go at it myself. I gave the premium service which he mentioned as Buy twitter followers a try.  The results show that 4% of them were fake which was surprising. 42% of them were inactive whereas the rest of the 72% followers they added to my account were actually good enough. The experiment however was risky because they needed my twitter password for this but I changed it right after the job was done so I guess I was saved by the bell.

I placed the order on 3rd September for 1000 American twitter followers which cost me $50. I made the transaction through PayPal and was instructed that the process would take almost seventy two hours the first few days were about nothing else but silence. However one fine day, suddenly I started receiving normal twitter notifications of people following me. Followed by this I received an email from them as well. It was regarding the completion of my order and stated the before and after number of followers. When I checked my twitter account these numbers exactly matched the number in the email.

The next move I made was to check the followers on ‘fake follower check’. Now out of my total followers 49% of them were fake, 7% were inactive and only 44% were good enough. What do we learn out of this? Is it worth the risk? Definitely not. The risk of handing over your password to such sites is too big and completely not worth it. There are much safer ways to increase your twitter following. For instance you can follow a bunch of people who are considerably active on twitter and there are positive chances that they will follow you back. The ones who don’t follow back, you can easily unfollow them to maintain a decent ration between number of followers and those who you follow.

What Was The Other Unexplored Way To Buy Twitter Followers?

I tried because I found it selling twitter followers on second or third page of the google. It was a really really astonishing experience. I mean 3000 Twitter Followers in $5? I was not ready to believe it. But as $5 is pretty less amount, so I paid through PayPal to buy twitter followers cheap from tweetnfollow.

Surprisingly more than 3100 followers on twitter were delivered within a day. I checked and most of them were real looking followers. Although they were just good but a Big Value for money to buy twitter followers instantly. I will always recommend it to friends!

In the end good content is always recognized, you must have faith in yourself.  My twitter can be used an example. Go see for yourself and you’ll see the difference between actual buy 200 twitter followers and fake flowers.