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Top 10 Differences between Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram

Instagram is a social media network which allows users to share their personal information and information related to business. You have to get register to grow the business. In addition, you can buy followers to increase traffic on your business and personal profile. It is the second most often used application after the Facebook. Pinterest is also media network which helps to create visual content that you have found on the internet. It is less used by people than Instagram.

Instagram and Pinterest are similar in the context that these both are providing social media services. But these are different as compared to each other in various aspects. Features and benefits for users vary for both social media sources. We discuss some of the differences between Instagram and Pinterest.


Instagram is a source which allows users to take and edit pictures and videos. Users can take photos from mobile devices and share with other people on Instagram. They can apply filters and add captions to their photos. Instagram allows business to view as authentic for their customers.

On the other hand, Pinterest allows users to be curious about other users content. They can search for content, inspiration and tips like search engines. Similarly twitter also allows to buy twitter followers cheap $1 and other packages. You can gain followers to engage more people with retweets.

Target audience

Instagram is mostly used by females than males. More than 70% users on Instagram are females. Males are not dominated on Pinterest due to some unique and women oriented features.

On the other hand, men and women are equally dominated on Instagram. Men use Instagram to promote their business mostly. They buy followers to expand their business to more customers. Females use Instagram because Instagram introduces many features related to photos creation and editing. Women like buy followers to increase social connections with other people.

Photos creation and Buy Twitter Followers

Instagram gas introduced photos editing options for their users. Users can post their pictures after editing through Instagram. Many filters, cropping, and other features are introduced by Instagram for their users to apply on their photos. You look more creative and professional through this social media platform.

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On the other hand, Pinterest does not offer any such kind of photo editing options. These applications are not provided by Pinterest. Users can pin their existing photos. They can change their photos and edit through their own downloaded applications in devices. After editing, you can pin it on Pinterest.

Engagement Through Buy Twitter Followers Cheap

Users are more engaged with Instagram than Pinterest due to different diverse features. Instagram is much more conversational than Pinterest. People are engaged through commenting and like photos and videos. In fact, users post their photos and ask suggestions from other users. This creates large social connections with other people. Buying followers on Instagram is an important activity to grow the business and increase social gathering. On the other hand, Pinterest is not at much ease for users. That is why people use Instagram more than Pinterest.


Pinterest can do storytelling through its themed board and contests. On the other hand, Instagram allows users to create photos, short videos, and messages to grow their business. Similarly people buy cheap twitter followers starting from $1 to increase profile exposure.

So, Pinterest followers and Instagram are different from each other in various aspects. People use these social media services according to their purpose to use social media.

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