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How Are YouTube Views Counted

YouTube wants this to make sure that actual humans are watching its videos and not the bots. YouTube has the specific criteria that it uses to count views on the videos and it is as follows:

– The user must click the play button to start the video

– A video played for less than 30 seconds wouldn’t be counted as a view.

These two ways let YouTube know that a person is intentionally watching the video and there is no fake count.

Watching the Same YouTube video twice, Does It Count It as One or Two Views?

In marketing, these view matters. The high number of views over a video shows that the content of the video was worth engaging and this helps YouTubers in affiliate marketing too. The views on videos also help YouTubers to make improvements in their content by seeing which type of content actually gets more viewers. 

Abiding by specified YouTube standards is important for YouTube videos to obtain more videos.

YouTube’s calculation of the views is based on the following procedure:


301 YouTube Views

This is called the turning point. Once your video has 301 views, YouTube changes its way of counting the views. At this point, your video gets on the homepage as well. So, until YouTube verifies your views are real, the views are temporarily frozen to 301. If YouTube somehow finds that the views aren’t real or they are coming from only a specific number of servers, it may delete the video. Once YouTube verifies the views, you will get the views unfrozen.

Does Looping YouTube Videos Increase Views?

– Above 301 Views

This is the next stage in which YouTube changes its algorithms and rules when your video passes 301 views. At this stage, refreshing the page won’t count views for you. Due to security issues and to avoid exploitation, the exact details are kept hidden but refreshing the video general fake views from malware and different viruses.

How Much Money can 1 million Views on YouTube Pay?

– Buying YouTube Views

Buy YouTube Views

It is, however, possible to buy YouTube views from different third-parties especially for beginners and for promotion, but YouTube explicitly forbids buying views, and videos with fake views if caught are immediately deleted by YouTube. Buying views can seem beneficial to the YouTuber, but as soon as YouTube identifies it, it becomes harmful.

How much is 1 Million Views Worth on YouTube?

– Fake Views and the Harm in it

YouTube never allows fake views and as soon as it identifies them, it takes the video off. The reason behind this is that fake views interfere with their ad revenue. As YouTube gets paid by advertisements through clicks and impressions and it gets complicated when videos have fake views. Fake views on YouTube devalue the advertisements and are harmful to YouTube and content creators.  The number of subscribers’ likes and dislikes also matter in knowing if the views are real or not.

How Often Does YouTube Update Views?

Repeated Views on YouTube

Repeated views on one video on YouTube can be counted in total views but not all the views are counted. YouTube knows and understands that the users might like one video, watch it again and again and show it to their social circle as well. So, multiple YouTube views from the same account can sometimes be added to the views in total and sometimes not.

Does YouTube Count Repeat Views?

Social Media Marketing YouTube Views

Why Tweetnfollow Is Best To Buy High Retention Youtube Views?

YouTube is a highly competitive site where innumerable users are creating new and unique content daily. With the ever-increasing competition, it is becoming harder to get your content recognized. Getting more YouTube views has become problematic for new creators as the established producers attract all the attention. In such a highly competitive environment, buying YouTube views is perhaps the easiest and most effective, high-retention solution. There are numerous sites offering customers to buy YouTube views, but the most reliable of these is Tweetnfollow.

How Does the Purchase of YouTube Views Work?

Sites selling YouTube views use digital dealers that work in social media marketing jobs. The company brings your video to the attention of these dealers and they divert social traffic to your video in order to increase engagement with your content at a very reasonable price.

Benefits of Buying YouTube Views From Tweetnfollow

Many beginners on YouTube find it very difficult to get the boost that is necessary to get their content recognized. On YouTube, there are many established accounts that attract all the attention, making it hard for new creators to get recognition. Buying YouTube views from Tweetnfollow helps overcome this hurdle and get recognition quickly.

More YouTube views act as social proof

Research has proven that it is human nature to choose items and services that are frequently used by others. Also referred to as the “bandwagon effect”, it means that YouTube users are attracted more to content that has social recognition; which has more Youtube likes, subscribers, and views. Since view count is one of the indicators of the worth and appeal of a certain video, the more of these you have, the more viewers you will attract.

The more the views, the better the Search Engine ranking

Algorithm suggestions on search engines play a significant role in user choice of content to watch on YouTube. This means that the better the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking, the more recognition, and traffic you get. User engagement is one of the major factors taken into consideration when Search Engines rank content, thus, more YouTube views means better SERP ranking and enhanced promotion.

Ultimately monetize your content

Big businesses usually rely on social media sites like YouTube for their marketing campaigns, and for that, they contract with influencers. If you have more YouTube views, you are likely to get contracts with advertisers. By including their advertisements on your content, you can monetize your videos.

Why is Tweetnfollow the Best Site for the Purchase of YouTube Views?

While there are numerous sites you can approach for buying YouTube views, Tweetnfollow is the best option out there because:

  1.   It guarantees fast and timely delivery of views to the video of your choice.
  2.   The views delivered are high-quality and high-retention
  3.   The views that Tweetnfollow delivers are real and effective even for paid marketing and monetization of content.
  4.   Excellent quality is guaranteed
  5.   With every order, you get extra views as well.

Buying YouTube views is a clever solution for making your content recognized on the highly competitive platform, and Tweetnfollow is the best place for you to purchase these views.

Social Media Marketing YouTube Views

How To Sort YouTube Videos By Views

In alignment with the new look post of Google and Google+, Google has recently updated its layout for YouTube. The interface is much cleaner and better than the previous one. This is the second time YouTube has changed the layout after it was initially launched. It seems as if Google didn’t like the previous design. The recent change in the interface was sudden for the people and there have been some issues arising. Some of the issues that are non-issues include the left-aligned layout, video title appearing below, and much more.

These bit changes can be irritating for the users who have spent their hours using the previous interface for marketing and promotion of content on YouTube. Another important thing about this updated interface of YouTube is that it has some of its previous filters dropped. The filters include upload date, average and relevance rating, and view count.

This seems to be a valid concern out of other concerns of most YouTube users. Previously YouTube let the users search for the videos with the relevance of the filters but now this feature is no longer available in the new layout.

YouTube Videos View Count

YouTube views at first may seem simple but actually, they are not one. Figuring out who has viewed your videos or how many views you’ve got can be a bit tough. Normally people measure their YouTube content success by the number of viewers and subscribers they have on their videos and for this purpose, video views matter.

Views also help you to know how far you are from becoming famous or your channel is monetized. But at the same time, YouTube video views also mattered for the viewers to know which video is more popular rather than the others.

View count and likes particularly was considered to be the most important filter that people used while watching videos on YouTube. View count helps people in watching popular videos on a specific topic by seeing the number of viewers on a video.

YouTube’s Algorithm

Clickbait titles used to be the trend on YouTube that many people used and took advantage of the simple views on YouTube. But now, YouTube has made more improvements to make sure that people are engaging in popular videos. 

The new Algorithm feature of YouTube gives its users exactly what they want by looking at some of the basic information:

– What videos you watch and what not
– Comments, likes, and dislikes on the video
– Average watching time of a video
– Time spent on YouTube

Though there can be other measurements too these are the general ones.

Sort YouTube Videos by Views

Since YouTube hasn’t added the views feature in its latest update, this might cause the problem to the YouTube users to find videos on YouTube by sorting them through views. However, if you are finding any problem regarding the search of videos with relevance to their view count, you need to mention the following given URL along with the specified topic in the search bar of YouTube:


Social Media Marketing YouTube Views

How Much Money Do You Get For 100k Views On YouTube?

YouTube is no more just a site allowing users to create and share content but has become a source of income for many. On this highly competitive platform content video creation, sharing, and recognition can be a source of income. On YouTube, a video that gets recognition is well-paid and payment differs between niches. YouTube pays in CPM (cost per mile), which means that payment is made per 1000 views. However, this does not mean that every view gets paid. After a certain view count for a video is attained, YouTube pays the owner of the content a certain amount. A YouTuber, on average, earns $4 for every 1000 YouTube views, although certain niches can result in up to %15 for every 1000 views. Having more Youtube likes, subscribers, and views increases the chances of better earning by improving the likelihood of affiliate marketing opportunities.

Pay Rate on YouTube per 100k Views

On average, on videos with 100k views, a YouTuber can make between $750 and $1500, the price including earning from sponsorship, ads, and affiliate earning. When taking into account only revenue from ads, the earning is typically $750 for every 100k views. Here, the amount earned depends also on the companies you are sponsoring, with some paying much more than others. In order to make money consistently on YouTube, you need to ensure that you keep providing unique content that attracts viewers. To maintain this earning, you would also need to sign marketing and promotion contracts with sponsors and businesses. With affiliate marketing using products that match your content, you can increase the chance of better earning.

Earning per View on YouTube

How Much Money Do You Get For 100k Views On YouTube?

Research has shown that on average, YouTube pays $0.0075 per view. This average has been calculated from earnings made on 1000 views including click on ads and views. Earning per view varies greatly because of ads and sponsors. You can see your daily earnings on your account, including views and advert clicks. Such reports can help users identify flaws in their promotion campaigns and identify areas they need to work on. Including ads to promote products and services, and making content on certain popular niches improves earnings.

How to Enable YouTube Monetization

How Much Money Do You Get For 100k Views On YouTube?

Before you can be paid by YouTube for your content, you need to enable monetization on your account. It is mandatory, however, for your channel to have at least 4000 hours of watch time and a minimum of 1000 subscribers. To enable monetization, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Log into YouTube and select the profile icon. Here you can check the analytics to see if your channel meets the program conditions.

Step 2: go to the monetization page and click on “monetization”. If you are eligible for the Partner Program, you will see the “monetization button”, otherwise you will see the “NOTIFY ME WHEN I’M ELIGIBLE”.

Step 3: Click on either of these buttons to enable monetization. If you are not yet eligible, you will be notified as soon as you meet the criteria. One way to increase views is to Buy YouTube views, however, for that you must decide if the investment is less than the return from YouTube.

YouTube is no more just a site to share content. YouTube also pays creators for their content when it reaches a certain view count. Additionally, including ads in your content can also increase earnings. 

Social Media Marketing YouTube Views

How Much Money Can You Make on YouTube with 1 Million Views?

YouTube views are important but the money you can make with 1 million YouTube views can’t be simply calculated because this isn’t a single factor that matters.  YouTube doesn’t only pay people based on views.

Actually, there are different factors that help users make money through YouTube.   YouTube uses Adsense and focuses on the engagement of viewers with YouTube Ads.  YouTube calculates the income of its users by views using a system called CPM (Cost per mile).  

An average YouTube gets about $2.00-$3.00 on thousand views but this isn’t the only variable as there are others too which impact the base number.

How Much Money can 1 million Views on YouTube Pay?

Below mentioned are the factors that determine the amount of money per 1 million views. 

– Location of the Viewers

Location of the Viewer

The location of viewers on YouTube videos matters a lot. YouTube lays out TIER countries and if your videos target the TIER 1 countries, then automatically the amount you will receive for 1 million views will rise to $3000-$15000.  If the channel reaches the TIER 3 countries, the amount you will get will range from $180-$300. 

So, this is how the location of the viewer’s matter. You have to target the countries with more buying power otherwise having 1 million views would still be a small amount.

How much is 1 Million Views Worth on YouTube? 

– Video Watch Time

YouTube Watch Time

Along with the viewer’s location, the audience watch time also matters a lot to determine the amount of money the You Tuber would get.  If you have a million viewers, you would also need to have high interaction of viewers with your content and a definite number of likes and subscribers as well. 

– Theme of Videos

The theme of your videos is actually the subject matter which is of great importance. The type of video you make and the content you add to it matters so much. News, comedy, informational, Finance, IT, business, and viral are some of the subjects that get the most returns from YouTube. 

Moreover, if you have a million views, you can get more money by following the below-mentioned ways:

– Affiliate Marketing

Youtube Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another way of getting paid higher through YouTube videos. In affiliate marketing, the YouTubers just need to directly link the viewers with websites and he will be paid by the created sales via affiliate marketing.  The commission rate you get in affiliate marketing may vary but is generally $10 for 0.05% of the traffic.  YouTube videos with 1 million views may get up to $5000 with affiliate marketing.

– Merchandise YouTube MerchandiseMerchandise is somehow similar to affiliate marketing and it helps YouTubers get paid more. In this technique, all you need to do is sell your own merchandise by promotion using your content. This technique however doesn’t directly increase the income but help you to have some additional income.

So, it’s not only the views that matter with having more income on YouTube rather there are some other variables too. With all these above-mentioned techniques, you can have more money by having 1 million views.

YouTube Views

What To Do If YouTube Views Not Updating


YouTube is a video-sharing platform in which users share as well as watch videos. The service started in 2005 but was took by Google in 2006. Ever since that, it has become an entertaining platform for millions.

How Does YouTube Work?

A user creates their channel and uploads videos on it. The video gains popularity based on the number of times it is viewed. YouTube itself pays the user once they exceed the limit of 10000 YouTube views collectively on their videos. The user gets monetized and starts earning money. Another form of showing your popularity and to get your videos suggested by the YouTube algorithm is to have a large number of subscribers.

Other users by seeing your subscribers will think that this certain person uploaded good videos. Also likes on certain videos will determine whether it is good or not, thus the viewer wanting to watch that video and as a result, it will increase more views. Due to having more subscribers, many marketing companies approach YouTubers for the promotion of different brands. Due to all this, many YouTubers buy YouTube views to gain popularity and hence get paid.

Does Looping YouTube Videos Increase Views?

Why don’t views often get updated?

Why don’t views often get updated?

YouTube views are calculated in real-time however often they don’t tend to get updated. They are updated every 24 to 48 hours and are not very accurate as they often show different numbers on the Laptop and mobile. However often they do not update and can be concerning for YouTubers as they are dependent on the views to earn money as well as gain more popularity.

How Often Does YouTube Update Views?

What can be done?

Many steps can be taken to ensure that the number of views on the videos is accurate.

  • Often, a person gets impatient. However, the key is to practice patience and wait for the views to increase. According to YouTube Video counts are frozen after exceeding 300 as the YouTube spam bots verify them to see they haven’t created an artificial view count. After the verification process is completed the accurate YouTube views get updated. However, this takes up to many hours or in some cases even several days.
  • Another easy method to try is to refresh the YouTube page again and again after every hour or so to update the views. However, in a lot of cases, this method often does not work.
  • If a person still thinks that their YouTube view in a certain video is still inaccurate the best possible way to know about the underlying issue is to contact YouTube. To do that you need to first visit the “Current site issues” web page then “Other issues” and after that, you need to click “The view count on my video is frozen around 300 vies. What’s going on?” Lastly, click “Report this issue” After this, a form will be provided in which you can explain the issue. The reply may take some time however it will solve the issue or the issue may be solved even before the response from YouTube.
Social Media Marketing YouTube Views

How To Download YouTube Videos Without Any Software

Some videos on YouTube could be so attractive to users that they would want to download it on their computers to watch those later. However, downloading videos on YouTube is not a complex task. It is quite easy to save your favorite videos on your devices. There are various software that can aid you for this purpose. But that doesn’t mean you have to always rely on a software. If you want to download videos without using any software, there are a couple of ways you can do that.

YouTube also allows users to save videos offline, and they can watch those videos later when they are not connected to internet. The only problem with this is that it does not allow all videos to be saved online. Therefore, you might want to download these videos. You wouldn’t want to use any software for downloading video on YouTube because it has the risk of transferring viruses to your devices. Hence, you would have to take help from some online tools to get your videos downloaded onto your devices.

Downloading videos without software using online tools lets you download YouTube videos without having access to any type of software. It lets you download videos free of cost. Apart from that, downloading videos using it is very easy and convenient for users because it requires four simple steps which are listed as follows.

  1. Open YouTube on your web browser and the video you want to download.
  2. On the web page URL, after “www.” add “ss” and click on enter.
  3. After you click on enter, a new page will open i.e. It will process the video link.
  4. Lastly, you would have to choose a format, and ultimately your desired video will start to download.


It is another online and most convenient online tool that can aid in downloading videos without relying on any software. All it takes is a few steps to save your desired video on your computer. Consider the following steps.

  1. Open YouTube, followed by the video you want to download. Copy the videos URL.
  2. In a new tab open YouTubeMP4. You will see a white bar, paste the copied URL there.
  3. Below the URL bar, you would see another bar which has written “Convert” over it. Click on that. 
  4. Wait for the video to download and click on Download, your video will start to download.


It is also an online tool which is liked a lot by users. It just require following easy steps in order to make a download. Let’s look at these steps. 

  1. Open the video you want to download and copy its link. 
  2. Open Catchvideo in another tab and paste the copied URL at the white bar you see on the screen. 
  3. It will ask you to choose the quality for your video. 
  4. Lastly, after choosing the quality, click on Quick Download option, and your video will start to download. 


Social Media Marketing YouTube Views

Watching the Same YouTube video twice, Does It Count It as One or Two Views?

If one person watches the same video twice or more times it will count according to the times he has viewed the video in certain conditions. YouTube has a policy that a video has to be watched at least 30 seconds to gain a view.

So, even if a person watches a video 50 times and all the times and all the times if he watches the video for at least 30 seconds the YouTube views will be counted as 50 for that person. This is not only for the watchers, even if the content creator himself watches the video multiple times his views will count too.


The difference is that when the user watches the video he will give the creator a certain revenue for the ads displayed. When the creator himself will watch the video he will not get the ad revenue as YouTube looks into this matter.

An Important point to be noted is that you can’t watch the video infinite times. After some time YouTube will stop counting your views to protect in case of spam. This a policy point of the platform

So yes you can ask your friends, family, and other known people including yourself to watch the video multiple times. This is done by some people to get more YouTube views. Mainly it is done by those who don’t get the number of views and user responses that they had expected on their videos.

Criteria for short videos

One more point to be kept in mind if you repeat video on YouTube is that if the video is below 30 seconds or is of exactly 30 seconds you have to watch it all the way to count it as a view. This policy was established because sometimes the thumbnails on the videos can be confusing and you are misguided by the uploader.

Yes. YouTube is a very convenient way to get people to know your worth and prove yourself but certainly, it is not the easiest. To grow and have enough YouTube views you need to work hard even then if the people who prefer your type of videos will slowly acknowledge you and sometimes this might not even happen. So success on YouTube is a mix of hard work and good luck.


Social Media Marketing YouTube Views

Why Does YouTube Keep Deleting BTS Views

It is just to say that BTS, the Korean-pop band is taking over the world. The group sold out two shows in London’s O2 Arena on October 9 and 10 back in 2018 and are famous for their unique style and impressive and creative music albums.

Who is BTS?

How Many Views does Despacito have on YouTube?

BTS is a K-pop group, consisting of seven members, who come from South Korea. They launched their first music in 2013 and since then their music has been skyrocketing in the global market. Throughout years, the band has produced many songs and albums with numerous themes, starting with School Trilogy, followed by other series like Love Yourself, and Wings. Their albums were so great and mesmerizing that the president of South Korea, himself congratulated them on their success. They are the biggest pop music band, and it doesn’t seem like they are going to stop any soon.

A peep into their success

The first reason is their music. For K-pop growing in success, they just make the music that people want to listen to. According to Billboard, their album Love Yourself is the first album in more than 12 years, mainly foreign-language No 1. Not only that, but the subject they choose for their music has played a lot in their success as BTS mainly covers subjects like mental health, persecution, and elitism.

The other reason is their mind-blowing performance. There is no point in making great songs if you don’t market them to the world and BTS has achieved this thing. With their outstanding and amazing dance performance and impressive music, they have tempted a large number of group of fans who have fallen in love with their music.

Last but not least, the internet and social media have played a vital role in their success. Without social media, one cannot even think of this much popularity.

Concerns about BTS view

But recently, YouTube deleting BTS views have become a major concern for the BTS band and their fan club. There has been a constant decrease in views, around 67 million on their music videos. So the question is arising in everyone’s mind, did YouTube delete BTS Views?

The answer is yesthe news of YouTube deleting BTS views has been confirmed by ARMY (BTS fan club).

But why did YouTube delete BTS views? As they are very famous and their music is simply artistic and majestic, hence YouTube doubts that a particular amount of views are coming from the implanted bots, and not from the genuine person as YouTube only verifies those views which are coming from an authentic person. YouTube has taken this precaution against these bots.

However, fans have continued to ask about more comprehensive explanations about the said act of YouTube, while others are simply asking to return their original views.

In a nutshell, View counts, while insignificant, are in reality highly competitive artist support measures. That’s not to say anything about the effect they have on streaming revenues and chart positions. BTS has both a passionate fan base and record-breaking view as well as stream numbers under its side, so accountability for “ON” ‘s popularity is pretty decisive.


Social Media Marketing YouTube Views

How Much Money can 1 million Views on YouTube Pay?

To simply put the answer, 1 million views on YouTube pay about 1000$. But this also depends upon the content creator. It can vary for different regions. On an average 1000 YouTube views can pay about 0.001$

Money paid by YouTube is also dependent on how many channels does one person have. Some people have multiple channels across the platform. YouTube takes 45% of the revenue and the other cuts and earnings are dependent on MCN representation.


But this is not the only way YouTubers earn money. When creators earn fame and become very well-known many sponsors are attracted to them and offer them great sums of money. These are all additional payments and they are not to be paid to YouTube. This deal is just between the creator and the dealer. But still, none of this is possible without enough YouTube views.


Advertising is a pretty common and most used method on YouTube as well. Ads benefit all YouTube, the creators, and the companies that are putting on the advertisements. YouTube does earn most of the revenue but still there a great amount of commission handed to the creators and the brand as well. The You Tubers are paid through a system made by Google in partnership with YouTube known as AdSense.

YouTube is a great platform and is home to many content creators. Many famous people who were immensely talented and failed to get recognition via Television media have been discovered through YouTube. Finding their full potential using YouTube has helped a lot of people go from total rags to a very good lifestyle.

The creators do a lot of stuff to get more YouTube views. Some even do stuff like giveaways to attract more audience. One thing is for certain as the audience is moving from TV media to the internet, YouTube is earning more and more popularity. Most TV channels are shifting on it as people are now preferring YouTube as it is more convenient. You can not only watch old content but also have control over it because you can rewind, forward, pause, and play everything.

It also remains a fact that gaining popularity on YouTube is not that simple. You have to work hard because as we saw you have to have at least 1000 YouTube views to earn a mere 0.001$. So, hard work is necessary whether on YouTube or anywhere else