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How To Unhide Pins On Pinterest

What is Pinterest?

How To Unhide Pins on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great social media platform that allows you to discover various sorts of information regarding the whole word. It provides you a variety to keep yourself updated.

How the Pin is actually Hidden?

When it comes to your pins, sometimes the pinners on the Pinterest accidentally hide it. The process is easy when you are using a mobile application. All you have to do is press and hold the image to be pinned and move your finger through the X icon. The save button and the X icon are together which is why you might be mistaken to accidentally hide the pin instead of saving it.

Before knowing how to unhide the pin you may want to know how the pin is hidden. Take a look at the process step by step.

  • Open your web browser and log into the Pinterest
  • At the top left corner is an icon of Pinterest where you can go to the newsfeed of your home
  • If you want to hide the promoted pin, all you have to do is press the three dots present at the down right corner of the image
  • It gives you a hiding option as you press, “I don’t like this pin”. There are other reasons that you can choose. It is all your wish.
  • Press the X button once you hold any pin so that it can be hidden.

How To Unhide The Pinterest Pin

If you want to keep your pin for a long time then you must unhide the hidden pin instantly. You may not be able to see the pins hidden in the form of a group if you are using it on a mobile app. But if you hide a pin, you have to unhide it instantly, otherwise, you may never be able to get your hands on that pin again.

  • Suppose you have hidden a pin; it has now camouflaged itself in a dark Gray color.
  • All you have to do is go to that overlay, check your pin.
  • Then press the undo button to unhide it.

If you hide your pins but still want to see it, then shift your pins to privacy rather than hiding them. The problem is that you are unable to hide your own pins but they can always be saved on a board which you can choose to make private. The one who manages your Pinterest account is able to see those pins only. Nobody else has an access to them. If you want to create your private board all you have to do is open the application and select the board you wish to hide. In case you are using a mobile application, just hold the board’s cover image and edit it after selecting the icon of a pencil which is present in the down right corner below the cover image of the board. Switch on the visibility toggle and press “keep this board secret”.

You’re good to go with the whole process then!

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4 Ways To Hunt For Bridal Dress Ideas On Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest

Amazing Tips for getting your bridal dress ideas from Pinterest

Bridal Dress Woman

The first thing in order to get the brilliant idea for your bridal dress from Pinterest is to get signed up to the Pinterest account. Pinterest is not just only an app containing a lot of pictures yet it is really useful to have wedding ideas and to do communication with the vendors and you yourself can take part in the decorations of your wedding.

Using Pinterest in order to get your vision broadened and to have access to all the ideas and styles to make your wedding a dream wedding is a good option and the best part of using Pinterest in getting your wedding dress designed is that it is completely free.

bride holding flowers in a photoshootThe first step to gain ideas about your wedding dress from Pinterest is to make a Pinterest account with your name and provide your email address on it.

Using Pinterest in the right way

When you are searching for ideas on Pinterest it is important to search for the ideas in a sequence and to create the boards in an organized way in order to get the desired results from your searches and get maximum designs to make your wedding amazing.

Creating and organizing boards

Once you have made your Pinterest account, you will get an option of different boards having different titles. You need to select among the titles about which you want to have ideas by using Pinterest. When you are in search of the wedding dress, select wedding titles and then go for it. Once you’ve created a board, Pinterest will always show you items related to that board unless you search separately for something else.  While creating the board for your wedding dress, keep the theme and your inspiration in mind and then create the board. Creating a board opposite to your imagination or inspiration will let you gain no designs for your wedding dress from Pinterest.

Formal bride photoshoot

Search and save the designs

Once you have made the board, all the designs related to the board you’ve made will be shown up to you on the homepage. You just need to scroll down the page and look for styles and designs which you find to be appealing. Once you’ve found the appealing designs, there is an option for you to save the pin. This is how you can search and look for hundreds of designs and styles available on Pinterest and can also save them on your cell phone. By saving these pictures in your cell phone you could always have access to the designs and patterns you once liked and this will help you to make your wedding dress amazing.


You can always repeat this process by just clicking the pin and saving it to your cell phone. This will also make Pinterest have a record of your searches so that you may easily find the styles and designs that suit you and fit your inspiration.

Pinterest is considered to be the best way in order to get the best wedding outfit designed for you.

a bride posing outside on photoshoot
a bride posing outside on photoshoot

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How To Remove Pin From Pinterest

Removal of pin on mobile phone devices

How To Remove Pin From Pinterest

At the beginning open the Pinterest. It is the application of red color with the prominent and stylish p written on it. If you are the regular user of it or have a sign in credentials on it before, then it will take you to the home page. If you are not the user or do not have the credentials click on the log in to access the home page.

How To Remove Pin From Pinterest

  • Then click on the user’s profile which is the shape of the person on the icon to open up your profile. This button is on the left bottom corner of the iPhone or on the right corner on the top of the phone.
  • There are different boards on it. Tap on the specific board and you can unpin the Pinterest from the board of your choice.
  • Tap on the pin which you want to unpin and long press on it. It will show a cloud of other options on it. Pull your finger to the edit icon option and the screen will appear with the edit options. Now you can tap on the delete option. Also, there is a confirmation pop up on your screen to make sure that you are going to delete it.

Removal of boards from the Pinterest

How To Remove Pin From Pinterest

  • Open your Pinterest application and log in to the account with the help of your credentials that are log in Id and password.
  • It will take you to the home page. Now you can open your profile on it and then press the person’s profile
  • Click on the board icon. It will take you to the home page of boards.
  • All the pins will be displayed. Now click on the icon edit option. Tap on the delete board option to delete the board from the mobile. Deleting the board will help to unpin the Pinterest.
  • The confirmation pop up needs permission for deleting the board from the phone. Click on delete key.

Removal of pin from the desktop

  • On the desktop, click on the Pinterest website. You need to log in first and if you are already logged in it will take you to the home page direct. Next step is similar as above that is to click on the personal profile icon. It will open up your account on Pinterest.
  • Click on the specific board there. It will show you the pins of your choice. For unpinning the Pinterest, take your mouse cursor on the pin.
  • There are many icons showing up on the pin’s card.
  • Click on the edit icon present there after clicking the pencil icon.
  • Click on the delete button. It will remove the pin and help you in unpinning the selected pin on Pinterest.
  • The pin will be erased from the board after tapping on the delete button.

     A confirmation message will pop up to ensure that you really want to delete the selected pin. Click on yes for             proceeding deletion.

How To Remove Pin From Pinterest

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How To Delete Followers On Pinterest

Pinterest may be a very interesting application to use but everywhere on social media, there are annoying people that you may want to stay away from. That is why you prefer deleting your followers. But this is not the case on Pinterest. You cannot delete your followers but block them easily. This reduces the signs of spam and the quality of the content is also improved. Your feed is cleared of all the irrelevant content and provides you with high-quality information just like the other platforms like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

How To Delete Your Followers From Pinterest

Pinterest might try to post inspiring and motivational things for you which is why it is important that you have a good exposure on this application. The authorities make sure to add advanced features and take care of the things like the received emails or the connecting sites through your Pinterest account and how you can report the pins. It is still working on how to delete the followers but for now they provide you with an option of blocking the irritating ones.

How To Delete Your Followers From Pinterest

Take a look at the following steps if you have to block a Pinterest user.

  • Simply open the persons’ profile
  • On the left side is a flag button that you have to click
  • Then press block
  • Click on OK to confirm.

In case you want to block a business account

  • Open the profile
  • There are three dots written next to follow
  • Press on the dots and click block to confirm

Result of blocking!

How To Delete Your Followers From Pinterest

When you have blocked the person, they cannot follow message or interact with you or your pins at all. The interesting point is that nobody will receive a notification of being blocked or unblocked. In case they try to follow or interact with your pins they will just be alerted. You can always see the people that you have blocked in the search, feeds and group boards. The pins that you collect from them will not vanish from your profile so you have to delete those pins one by one on your own. In other words, blocking is a short passage towards both users unfollowing each other automatically. This means if in the past you have commented on each other’s posts that will also be removed as well.

In case the communication or interaction with the person has reached up to the level of harassment or bullying, you can always report the account according to the given guidelines. The law enforcement agency might be of better help if it is the matter of your safety.

Reversing the process

If you want to unblock somebody on Pinterest then you just have to go to the blocked profile of the Pinterest user.

How To Delete Your Followers From Pinterest

Press more and select unblock to confirm.

This will be exactly like you making a new friend. The process is simple and easy. You can now comment, interact and follow each other ‘s pins. You can save the pins as well.  Blocking is an easy way instead of deleting the follower. But in future, Pinterest might devise a way to delete the profile completely.