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Whatsapp Privacy Issues: A Detailed Review For Twitter Followers

Whatsapp is a really popular application for messaging and its user is more than 1 billion in a single day. This success is because of the amazing features present in this network. As people share personal information on this network, the complete system of Whatsapp is made secure so that people do not hack it. So keeping in consideration before you buy twitter followers cheap all these threats, the end-to-end encryption is used. This method is also confusing for most of the users. Some of the clients have problem with the privacy and company is working a lot to improve the strength of system. Some of the security threats that are still faced by the system of Whatsapp are as follows.

Encryption of backups

The end-to end encryption means that the device sending the messages is the only thing to decode them. In this way no interception occurs during the transmission of messages. The backup of messages can be created on Google drive and iCloud. The decryption of messages present on Whatsapp is done on the same divide person is using. However, the backup file is not encrypted by the system. The biggest benefit of this encryption is that the government as well as law enforcement agencies cannot access the data.

Vulnerabilities in encryption

As the messages cannot be decrypted during the transmission, they can be decrypted on the phone locally. A security key is presented to each user and the receiver is ensured. This key can be changed when the software is reinstalled to move to another phone. The key can also be changed for the offline users and this is a really easy way for encrypting the messages and intercepting the conversation. This will force the person to resend the messages with a different security key and this will make the access of messages easy.

Data sharing on Twitter

As Facebook has added Whatsapp to its family, this is now a part of Facebook and complies with 100 Instagram Followers too.  The sharing of information between Facebook and Whatsapp is easy to do and is among the policies of company, so this point should also be considered while reviewing the privacy policy of Whatsapp. The policy clearly states that the data of Whatsapp will not be shared to public on Facebook and will be hidden in the Facebook profile that is inaccessible by other parties. If anyone is not comfortable with this, they can turn it off from the settings.


There have been attempts to access the data of messaging application by the cybercriminals. The web interface of Whatsapp is also available ad now people can access this application from their desktop easily. At the start of this application, many hackers tried to make fake website to hack data of users so that they can distribute malware and steal data from the users. The phone number as well as other key information was selected from the Whatsapp that can be further used to harm the person and reputation. Spam messages were also bombarded on the system.

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