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How Tai Is Making Millions Via Buying Twitter Followers | Tweetnfollow

Social media is a big giant now a day that is feeding a lot of people with heavy returns. There are many celebrities that have made their name so bi just by the help of social media. One such name is Tai Lopez, who has now become a millionaire just by having many followers on social media. This is not an easy task to do and require a lot of efforts to get into this place. Tai Lopez has done a lot of effort and now he has become a famous social influence just by using the power of social media. Some of the key things that helped Tai in getting all this fame are as follows.

Some basic information

Tai actually started social media from the beginning as a platform. At first, he started using Facebook in 2006 and by the year 2008, he was using it to earn money for marketing. Other than Facebook, Youtube is a huge platform that is used by Lopez to get money. In 2014, he posted a video from his garage and it went viral in the market for social media marketing. Then, he took off in the field of social media marketing. This whole thing started off and lead to a big success. Now many people get to see his face whenever they open Instagram and Youtube.

Just like him, there are lots of people who start with buying followers on twitter

VRIN score

This is something that is believed to be behind the success of Tai Lopez. He stated this himself that opportunity is only for those who have some unique style to survive in this dense competition. VRIN is the combination of 4 components that help anyone to add value to his work. First of all, there is value. If the person watching gives value to the work done, only then it will gain attention. Then there is Rarity, this means a thing that is not found by people often should be introduced. In this way, a new and exciting experience will be gained by both the parties. The third thing is inimitability; this feature makes it hard for the competitor to copy anything. If the thing is offered in a unique way with a hard to copy competitive advantage, this will be really difficult for the competitors to copy such thing and this will ultimately lead to success. The last thing in this strategy is non-substitutability. This means that there is not any other place where the customer or audience can get the same thing offered to you. If the VRIN score is less, the content will never sell no matter how much effort a person put in it.

Youtube platform buying twitter followers

The most successful platform used by Tai Lopez is Youtube. The reason behind using this platform most is the long form of the content displayed. The brand engagement created on this platform is really amazing and people like to see it. A message is delivered in a much better way as compared to other social media networks.


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