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What Would Be the Response of the Lords of the Rings on Twitter

Lord of the rings has now come up with the streaming service and has moved forward with Amazon by providing the series a commitment of multi-season commitment.

A corporate synergy will be provided to Amazon with the production of LOTR TV series. LOTR books were nominated as the consumer’s favorite book of 1999 until today this book series has been admired by the consumers with the production of movies and now series.

It has been reported by Variety magazines that the well-renowned fantasy novel of J.R.R Tolkien’s series is now being under development at Amazon after it has been bought by Tolkien estate and the warner bros television.

This new television series will explore the storylines of ‘The Fellowship of the ring’. This series will be produced by the Amazon production studios incorporating the Tolkien’s estate and trust, the Harper Collins and the new line cinema which is the division of Warner bros entertainment.

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LOTR has been able to capture fans and followers generation’s imagination through books and through movies and now it is ready to gain the imagination through series also. The cultural phenomena displayed by LOTR are scripted under amazon studios and they are honored to work with Tolkien’s estate on this collaboration with the television after conquering the books and cinema. The LOTR fans are much excited about the production and development of the series.

The LOTR movies have always gained much fame and money and it is a time that they take over the T.V as well. With huge fan following and fame, now it is expected that LOTR series will also be a big success.

The three movies of the lord of the rings were able to gain a combined gross amount of six billion dollars worldwide. The cast of the movies included the top and the finest actors like Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen, Viggo Mortensen, Liv Tyler, Sean Astin, Orlando Bloom. The movie was able to collect more than 17 academy awards which also included the award for the best picture. The cast was found very happy on the big success of the movie now we are waiting for the announcement of the new series cast. This new series will explore the stories based on the writings of J.R.R Tolkien.

The new programming mandate stated by Amazon is the main reason why LOTR is going to be developed and produced; this mandate is dictated by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. The streamer is expecting to witness the same success as witnessed by the game of throne series.

Further details of this series like the writer, producer, and actors will soon be announced but till now these names are still not announced.

It has also been said that the fantastic setting and the storyline characters show great resemblance to the very famous game of throne series, which is one of the biggest TV show in the world. Now everyone just hopes that this tv series shall also be able to gain the response of the lords of the rings on Amazon be as much success as gained by GOT.



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