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How To Set Up A Twitter Account

How To Set Up A Twitter Account

If you are looking for simple answers on how to set up a Twitter account, you are at the right place. But before we get to that, it is important to tell you that if you have decided to join Twitter you have made the right choice. It is an ideal platform to connect to the rest of the world and keep yourself updated. Plus, Twitter lets you explore other cultures and colours. That is why it is one of the leading social platforms. Either you are doing it for followers and likes or information, it is the right place to start with.

How to step foot into the world of Twitter?

Setting up an account on twitter is an easy and common process but is different when you do it on desktop and when you download the application. The desktop version eventually asks you to download the application and hence it is better, to begin with, the latter. We will discuss both ways. The steps are more or less the same and are, therefore, easy to remember and understand. But you need to keep in mind that authentication is a big part of a Twitter setup.

How To Set Up A Account On Twitter

Setting it up

  • If you are signing up using a desktop, you begin by navigating to the website and follow the mentioned steps.
  • Once you have reached the main page, you will see two options Sign-up and Log-in, don’t click on login if you lack an account.
  • Go to the sign-up option.
  • The next step begins the process. You start by entering your name in the required textbox. It is not necessary to put your actual name in there. It can be anything you want. And if you are signing up for a business account, the name can also be your brand or organization title.
  • The next step involves entering a phone number or an email address. This is the authentication process and for this reason, the phone number or the address must be real and owned by you. For a code is sent and it has to be entered on the setup page for validation and verification. You can either put your mobile number or your email address in the required boxes. You can add both if you want.
  • Then you click on ‘next’, which is located on the upper right end of the screen. You are taken back to the signup page and you click sign up.
  • After that, a text box appears again and a code is sent to your mobile number or email address. You have to enter the received code in the box.
  • Click okay and proceed further by adding your password.
  • Now your account has been created. But some additional steps are important to create a timeline for you.
  • Select your interests so the related stuff appears on your timeline. Click next and then follow people. This process is known as profile building and is not necessary to complete.
  • After completing the setup you can easily post videos and photos from your device or share other people’s posts and get connected.


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