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Can buying twitter followers get you banned? A common misconception

There are some occasions when a person may look to buy twitter followers. However, one of his friends or colleagues may refrain him from buying by saying that it will get you banned. He may provide you various logics that why you will be overthrown from the platform. So, it may bring you to the question that can buying twitter followers get you banned? What if I tell you that it is a common misconception? Well, it is true that you get banned but not if you purchase the followers from an authentic website.

How you get banned?

There are times when you get banned. It is when twitter starts to think that you are spam. Well, a lot of people use bots and stuff to generate the followers, but the way they are doing it and the process they are following makes it abnormal. Therefore, the authorities seem like it is some kind of hack and something that should not be on their platform. Ultimately, they end up banning you from the social media. It occurs when you get the services from a non-professional company or people that do not follow the legal ways.

When you won’t get banned?

On the other side, there are a number of marketing strategies and ways by which you can get the followers, and at the same time, you won’t be overthrown from the network. Well, how is that possible?

Twitter and other social media platforms permit people to use the marketing tools and strategies to enhance the audience around their account. You can run campaigns, viral updates, ads, etc. The companies that supply the followers using these techniques are following the terms and conditions set by the officials. Thus, when you are following the law, you are doing stuff legally. And when you are on the legal side, you will not get banned.

Final words

So, can buying twitter followers get you banned? Well, it depends on how you are getting them. Choosing the companies that have been in this business for a while, considering the reviews on their web page, allows you to make the right choice.


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