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10 Best Exercises For Women By Twitter Followers Cheap

There are some of the tricky zones in a woman’s body that need really hard work to get through. In this situation, some of the moves should be discovered that can make her feel confident and bring the body in shape. Social media is really playing a big role in getting people what they want and so is the case with exercise. Facebook has many exercise channels available where experts tell how to manage the body to look good in any kind of dress. Some of the easy ways of doing so are as follows.

Exercises to learn after you Buy Twitter Followers Cheap

Side Plank

This exercise is designed to shrink and tighten the waistline. The abdominal muscles are constructed in a way that many other exercises cannot do the same. This exercise should be done on both sides for 30 seconds and it will have an amazing result.

Extension of triceps

This exercise is for toning up the triceps as well as the back of the shoulder. Lightweight is used to do this exercise and it can be done with more repetitions.

Plies in the Second position

This is actually a ballet move in which inner side of thigh is moved. The gluteus also called as a side but, is toned perfectly. The hands are moved overhead while the shoulders are on the downside. This gives an amazing position of strengthening the body.


In order to have strong legs, the muscles are targeted directly in this exercise. The knees are kept straight even under the resistance.

Dead-lift with Single Leg

The entire core area of the body is activated by this exercise. It requires dumbbells and the body is lowered to its full capacity. This uplifts the chest area and the whole core is engaged.

Shoulder stand

This is an exercise from yoga and it has many physical as well as mental benefits. The postures help a lot in reducing the appearance of cellulite. The legs should be placed on the wall for about 5 minutes or shoulder stands should be done every day to make the body feel better.


A perfect round rear can be achieved by doing this exercise. The back remains free from pain and also healthy. This bridge is made especially for the wellness of back that mostly creates problem in women.

Cardio interval

This is the interval training of high intensity and this is incorporated in the normal routine so that more calories can be burned. This is a low stamina exercise that also requires less amount of time.


This is a common exercise that is done by many people to keep the body in shape. A lot of calories are burnt by this and the muscles on chest get tightened. The hands-on the floor should be in line with the shoulder to perform this in the right shape.

Arm raised Planks

The core strength of posture is improved by doing this exercise. It makes the person feel better, confident and taller. This is done on both sides of arms to have balance.

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