Buy real looking twitter followers 100 vs buy 1000 bots

There is a lot of buzz surrounding the twitter followers and the business. Many companies and individuals seek services from the sites that are providing the twitter followers. Now, there are mainly two different kinds of members that you can buy. First on is the real accounts that will follow you while the second is bots. Here, we are going to discuss the difference between them by considering what happens when you buy real twitter followers 100 and what if you buy 1000 bots.

If you buy real twitter followers 100

People that go for this deal will get an increment of 100 followers to their account. The number of members, if 100 before, will jump to 200 or more.

The real fans will be active. Your tweets will be shown in their feed to which they are likely to react. Particularly, if you post something in which they possess some sort of interest, they may comment, like, or retweet your post. Thus, you get more engagement, and if you are about to sell something or looking for exposure, this is probably what you will look forward to.

On the other side, such deals may be expensive as you may get 100 real followers for $1 while 1000 bots for the same price.

If you buy 1000 bots

For the people that buy bots, there will be a handy increase of 1000 members to their twitter account. In case that they do not have any followers, they will immediately see it rise from 0 to 1000. But what happens next?

Once you get the increment in number, it is very unlikely that you are going to see any activity. It is because the bots are not active on the profiles and they do not engage in any tweets that you put up. Therefore, it might be useless for you.

Final words

It is recommended that one should buy real twitter followers 100 rather than buy 1000 bots. Even a single faithful member is worth more than a thousand bots as he will engage with your posts and you will see some activity on your account.