How Often Does YouTube Update Views?

The answer is quite simple the views on popular videos are refreshed more than normal videos to keep up with their popularity.

When YouTube was not that popular it used to refresh and show its view feed in real-time. But due to a huge public YouTube does not update its views with a refresh rather it takes around 24 to 48 hours to show the exact number of views.

A lot of people have their favorite YouTubers and they keep an eye on their stats so many people have this question that how often does YouTube update views. Back in the day, the stats were very quickly updated. There were fewer content creators and the platform was very neat and clean. Now many creators are there and as the traffic on a site grows, spam and fraud also start growing. Due to the fraud in views, YouTube has stopped showing exact views with one refresh. It takes its time and tries to be as precise as possible.

How often does YouTube update views for popular videos?

As we know that the payment rate of YouTube is different for creators in different regions and countries. In the same way, it treats its popular videos separately from other videos especially if they are trending videos. So now that big question how often does YouTube update views for popular videos



How to increase YouTube views?

People use a variety of methods to increase YouTube views. Some creators are just so good and talented that they get the recognition that they deserve. They also deserve it is they have worked very hard for it. Some YouTubers do a lot of giveaways that people are attracted to their channel for their benefit. In this way, people get benefits as well as the creator as he gets more views.

You need to have thousands or even millions of YouTube views to earn a decent amount if you are not into brand endorsements or live streams. Like all other platforms, YouTube also requires hustle, and if you hustle you will get the point where you want to be, the condition being consistency and quality.

YouTube is not only housing positives it does have its negative points as well. Sometimes people who post not so suitable content gain views and fame whereas a toiling, quality producing creator is neglected. But if you want to prove yourself your dedication on YouTube will earn you the audience