Famous Pets on Twitter with more Tweets

Pet lovers love to see their newsfeed full of these adorable babies. There are a lot of pets that have famous profiles on Instagram, Twitter, and many other social media platforms. The material shared by such websites is amazing and worth watching. Even people love to watch videos of adorable cats and dogs. These little creatures are the center of attention for many people on social media. There are some pets that have now become social media celebrities because of their massive fan following. Some such pets are described in this article.

Nala cat

This cat has about 3 million followers on Instagram and is entertaining a number of people. Her age is 6 years and she was adopted when she was a kitten. She has long whiskers and she loves shopping. She has a huge collection of bandanas that she wore in routine.


Boo is another social media celebrity with an account on Twitter. He is also known to be the cutest dog in the world because of beautiful appearance. He lives in San Francisco and he is a Pomeranian. His every move is tracked by his 17 million follows on Facebook. Also, his loving and fluffy face is on the cover page of 4 photo books. He is also officially adopted by Virgin Airlines. He is really famous that even a celebrity called him her boyfriend.

Grumpy Cat

The real name of this cat is Tardar Sauce. She is the most famous cat known to the world. The look on her face gives a grumpy expression that is permanent and represents her uniqueness. Her face has also be used in memes for several years. She has a lot of deals even in movies, books and TV shows and all these things have turned it into a franchise. People line up in streets to take pictures with her and she is really famous among celebrities also. This cat has earned the owners about 100 million dollars till now.


This is also a cat that is famous because of two-faced look. There is a total symmetry in the division of face with half orange and half black. She has a total of 600,000 fans on social media. No one knows that what DNA combination turned her into this villain and comic book character, however, the feature is really amazing.

Snoopy babe

Snoopy babe is a cat whose face looks like it was smooshed in the plate of pie. The breed of this cat is half American and half Persian. She lives in China and has more than 300,000 followers on Chinese social media site named Weibo. On Instagram, she has about 200,000 followers. She is known to be the cutest cat worldwide because of small size and adorable face. A great look of innocence is reflected by her face. She is photographed with a lot of props and costumes by the owner and there are a lot of followers who love to see her in such innovative styles.