Does YouTube Count Repeat Views?

Yes, YouTube does count multiple or repeated views. It has certain limitations and security checks to count a video as a genuinely watched repeated video.

YouTube, when it had very few users used to update stats of a video in real-time, but due to spams, frauds, and hackers, it stopped and developed a more strong and strict software check which does take some time but is more precise and detects spam. A user can watch a video multiple times and get multiple views.

How are repeated views counted?

The answer to a very important query does YouTube repeat count as views have been answered now but here are some limitations and some guidelines on how repeated views are counted:

  • If a video is longer than 30 seconds, a watcher has to watch the video for at least 30 seconds to count it as a view.
  • If a video is 30 seconds long or lesser than that it has to be watched till the end as through thumbnails you can’t tell about a video.
  • The amount of times you watch a video and count it as a view is not unlimited. People started using hacks and frauds to display the wrong number of the views, due to this YouTube analytics count repeat views and don’t allow unlimited repeated views on a single video

Hungarian YouTube views

People also have another question that does putting a YouTube video on repeat count as views? Yes up to a certain point it will count as views but as we discussed above YouTube limits the number of views on a video if it is repeated again and again. So it will count as repeated views but not for very long as YouTube will start considering it spam.

How to get genuine views on YouTube?

For one you can do is produce quality content as use all your skill and talent and toil hard. Another thing you can do is do small giveaways in which way audiences will be attracted to you as you will provide them with small gifts for them sticking with you. You need to be consistent. Whether you do something creative, play games, give photography lessons, play games, or whatever you do you need to be a regular uploader and be good with your audience then you will surely get more YouTube views.