Does looping YouTube videos increase views?

To keep the YouTube channels in a higher spot in the search engine, an increased number of views is important. A large number of people regularly upload the videos to YouTube, there is an immense rivalry and it has become very difficult to draw the viewers into your YouTube channel now. So getting increased views on YouTube and likes are as important as getting 100k subscribers.

Importance of views:

Having more views brings social verification of acceptability. It is the most ideal approach for having the most involved channel. It might be conceivable that the beginners might miss your post at the start, but when they see the number of views, it will be easy for them to get drawn into your channel and show more dedication. At the point when individuals don’t have trust issues, they will watch your video genuinely.

How are they counted?

Content views on YouTube show how many times the content has been watched. Views can be a major indicator of the overall success of a video. They always make sure that videos are viewed by a real human being, not programmed bots.

Let’s explain the following rules for the count:

  • If you watch the video for 30 seconds or more, YouTube considers a view as count.
  • Now if a video is less than 30 seconds, you will treat it as counting on full video playback. If the video is 20 sec long so to get a view you have to wait 20 sec.
  • YouTube never tends to stop anyone from watching a video until they are confidential or blocked in a country, or have information about +18.
  • If you watched a clip 50 times that would add 50 views to the final count.
  • Another reason why your tube retains the 30-sec playtime to be viewed as a count is that no one can completely determine what a video holds with a thumbnail. Under that situation, a typical consumer requires 20–30 sec to determine whether or not to watch.

How to obtain more views:

The easiest way to increase view count is through YouTube Loop or YouTube Repeats. Repeated views, count up to a certain amount say someone is watching a video multiple times a day, for example, but they stop counting after a number. Experts believe YouTube stops adding new views to the number of view counts of a video after 4 or 5 views in a single day. So looping videos on YouTube may help you for a while, but they can’t help you in the long run. If you have watched a video 50 times that would add 50 views to the total count but watching continuously in a row, will ultimately block the view count.

BTS K-pop band:

Recently a question has become a major concern that did YouTube delete BTS views? The answer is yes! The band released a Single_ ON, and within 24 hours their views dropped from 83 to 48 million. The views were dropped because people were using the same IP address in multiple devices, using a lot of different videos at the same time and refreshing the page after 30 seconds of a watch. This violated the community guidelines of YouTube and they get suspicious that views are not coming from a real source rather from the planted bots.