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YouTube views, likes, and subscribers is getting another trending topic in the world. Everyone wants to get famous on YouTube in 2020.

How is your video performing on YouTube? Are you looking for some essential things related to YouTube video marketing and Vlogging?

Here, at TweetnFollow, our expert authors have published multiple blogs related to YouTube Views, Likes & Subscribers for Marketing.

You can read about gaining views on YouTube for publicity and promotion along with some tips that normal people do not know.

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Sammy, 21 from Hungary.

Alisha, Fashion artist from Russia

Darcy, YouTube video creator from New Jersey

It is just to say that BTS, the Korean-pop band is taking over the world. The group sold out two shows in London’s O2 Arena on October 9 and 10 back in 2018 and are famous for their unique style and impressive and creative music albums. Who is BTS? BTS is a K-pop group, consisting […]

How Much Money can 1 million Views on YouTube Pay?

To simply put the answer, 1 million views on YouTube pay about 1000$. But this also depends upon the content creator. It can vary for different regions. On an average 1000 YouTube views can pay about 0.001$ Money paid by YouTube is also dependent on how many channels does one person have. Some people have […]

“Despacito” by Luis Fonsi (left) featuring Daddy Yankee (right) is the most-viewed video on YouTube, with over 6.9 billion views as of August 2020. As Despacito was composed by Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, and Erika Ender, they knew it would be extraordinary, but they had no idea about how they’d affect the world forever. Despacito, the most-watched video […]

To keep the YouTube channels in a higher spot in the search engine, an increased number of views is important. A large number of people regularly upload the videos to YouTube, there is an immense rivalry and it has become very difficult to draw the viewers into your YouTube channel now. So getting increased views on […]

YouTube works differently for different regions and content creators. But for the grown content creators with a large audience, it generally pays an amount between 1000$ to 4000$. For the people having a little traffic, it is way less than this. We found out that 1 million on YouTube pays around a thousand to four […]

The answer is quite simple the views on popular videos are refreshed more than normal videos to keep up with their popularity. When YouTube was not that popular it used to refresh and show its view feed in real-time. But due to a huge public YouTube does not update its views with a refresh rather […]

YouTube app on apple iphone

Yes, YouTube does count multiple or repeated views. It has certain limitations and security checks to count a video as a genuinely watched repeated video. YouTube, when it had very few users used to update stats of a video in real-time, but due to spams, frauds, and hackers, it stopped and developed a more strong […]

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